Are these shows a half hour or an hour… or both?

Do you know which shows switched from 30 minutes to a full hour?

The prevailing wisdom in television is that half-hour timeslots are generally used for more lighthearted shows with dramas needing a full hour. That may seem like the case today but back in the 1960s, the length of a program really had no relation to the subject matter.

Action packed, dramatic Westerns were sometimes only 30 minutes while variety shows provided laughs for a full hour. Sometimes a show started in a half-hour slot but were increased to an hour after becoming successful.

Here are 20 classic TV shows. Can you guess whether each one aired as a half hour or hour program? Be careful, some might be both!

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  1. How long are episodes of Bonanza?
  2. How long are episodes of The Brady Bunch?
  3. How long are episodes of Perry Mason?
  4. How long are episodes of Star Trek?
  5. How long are episodes of Gilligan’s Island?
  6. How long are episodes of The Love Boat?
  7. How long are episodes of The Addams Family?
  8. How long are episodes of The Rifleman?
  9. How long are episodes of The Waltons?
  10. How long are episodes of Adam-12?
  11. Except for the finale, how long are episodes of M*A*S*H?
  12. How long are episodes of The Jetsons?
  13. How long are episodes of Gunsmoke?
  14. How long are episodes of The Fugitive?
  15. How long are episodes of the 1960s Dragnet?
  16. How long are episodes of The Big Valley?
  17. How long are episodes of Lost in Space?
  18. How long are episodes of The Twilight Zone?
  19. How long are episodes of Maverick?
  20. How long are episodes of Have Gun – Will Travel?

Are these shows a half hour or an hour… or both?

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Pacificsun 4 months ago
Well that's a dumb quiz.

Most of those stories in hour shows couldn't be told in less than 30 minutes. Although maybe LIS could've pared it down.
AnnieM Pacificsun 3 months ago
Ha! I thought the exact same thing. It was pretty dumb. And incorrect, as well, as it could be argued that #4 should be 'Both', as the single season of animated episodes were 1/2 hour each.
Astrodomania 5 months ago
Got all twenty. Twilight Zone had only 1 one-hour season (season 4), the rest were haf-hour season. Gunsmoke switched from a half-hour to a full-hour show in Season 6.
riggsca 5 months ago
Could’ve done better...🤔
cperrynaples 5 months ago
Here's a tricky bonus question: Patrick McGoohan, best known to MeTV fans for his Columbo episodes, did a series that had different titles as a half-hour and an hour! Name both versions as well as the series which MIGHT have been a spinoff! Fans of this actor will understand what i'm asking for!
ncadams27 cperrynaples 5 months ago
The 30 min version was known as Danger Man and aired in the US in the summer of 1961.
The hour-long Danger Man aired in the US as Secret Agent starting in 1965. Johnny Rivers sang a new theme song (US version only) called Secret Agent Man.
The “spinoff” was The Prisoner and aired in the US in the summer of 1968.
sputnik_57 5 months ago
19/20 Missed Maverick. Naked City was half-hour and then hour series. (Me, please bring back Naked City!!!) Alfred Hitchcock was half-hour (Presents) and then Hour series. Surprised this wasn't in the quiz.
Pacificsun sputnik_57 4 months ago
Naked City was VERY good! Made a good late night show too!
5 months ago
17 out of 20. Thought I'd have done better.
MikefromJersey 5 months ago
20 for 20, easiest quiz I have ever taken here. If I am not mistaken, McCloud had 2 hour, 90 minute
and 60 minute episodes. Some of the two hour ones occurred when Universal took two one
hour(48 minutes sans commercials) episodes and edited them together, some so badly done
it's confusing to watch them. They typically would film an explanatory "bridge" between them
by using over and over again a shot of Chief Clifford from behind, at his desk, asking McCloud
about the two story threads. It was another actor's voice dubbed in.
There were a few extended Rockford Files that ran 90 minutes, so they used footage from
different prior chases to create new chase scenes that went on and on and
on, till they had enough filler to make a two parter Rockford Files, thus earning more bucks
as it was now not one but two more episodes for the syndication package.
MrBill 5 months ago
18/20; missed #13 and #20. Never watched #20. Never knew Gunsmoke had half hour episodes. I am not much of a western fan.
Dajj 5 months ago
13/20 tougher quiz than I thought!!
Lacey 5 months ago
Went too fast and missed Twilight Zone. Ugh.
JC 5 months ago
You got 18 out of 20
Did you clock all the right answers on this quiz?

a1k9 6 months ago
19/20 I didn’t remember the Twilight Zone bein a hour long. The Gunsmoke question was a trick question. When it first came on the air it was called Matt Dillion (I think)
ncadams27 a1k9 5 months ago
After Gunsmoke became an hour show, CBS ran the 30-min shows on Tue evening in prime time under the name Marshal Dillion. That title was used in syndication and Gunsmoke was used for the hour long shows. Now they are all called Gunsmoke.
frenchman71 6 months ago
18/20. I got "Gunsmoke & Have Gun Will Travel" wrong. I never remembered "Gunsmoke" ever being a half-hour show. Maybe in the first year it was on TV?
Stoney frenchman71 6 months ago
denny frenchman71 5 months ago
The first 6 seasons of Gunsmoke are half hour episodes.
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