Are these classic TV character actors or discontinued candy bars?

Do you know Tween Meals from Slim Pickens?

Classic TV character actors sure had some fun names. Whether they took on a nickname or already used their unique given name, these actors were all over classic TV.

Some actors' names sound sweet and even a little appetizing. Almost like a candy bar! Do you think you can tell the difference?

  1. Is this an appetizing actor name or a candy bar?
  2. What about this name?
  3. Some actors used phrases for names. Is this one of them?
  4. What about this one?
  5. Is this a sweet treat or an actor?
  6. What is this name from?
  7. This name means business, but for what?
  8. Is this an actor's first and last name?
  9. Some actors only went by one name. Is this one of them?
  10. Is this an actor's name or a candy bar that suggests how you eat it?
  11. Can you place this name?
  12. What about this one?
  13. Is this an actor's name or a candy bar best served cold?
  14. Can you guess this name?
  15. Is this an actor's stage name or a candy bar?
  16. What about this name?
  17. Is this a jungle-themed candy bar or an animal actor?
  18. What (or who) does this name belong to?
  19. Can you guess this name?
  20. Is this an actor with an edible name or a candy bar with a person's name?

Are these classic TV character actors or discontinued candy bars?

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Marshall_Kolchak 18 months ago
19/20 A pretty tasty start to catching up on a couple weeks worth of quizzes!
denny 19 months ago
15/20 WTH Weird names for people and candy bars, except for Slim Pickins an Chill Wills.
AnnieMae2020 19 months ago
15 out of 20..pretty good to me
JC 19 months ago
You got 12 out of 20
Looks like there were Slim Pickens for the right answers.
A lot of guessing 🤔
FLETCH 19 months ago
I would have included Baby Ruth. Just to see how many people get fooled
cperrynaples FLETCH 19 months ago
Bonus Question: Where did the name of the candy bar come from? Hint: The obvious answer is WRONG!
Filmnoirfan cperrynaples 19 months ago
Was actually Ty Cobb's daughter
denny Filmnoirfan 19 months ago
Supposedly named after President Grover Cleveland 's daughter Ruth. I don't believe that, I think they just didn't want to pay royalties to the Babe.
FLETCH 19 months ago
15 out of 20

Btw, #11 Cherry Humps? I won't touch that one since this is a family site
Filmnoirfan FLETCH 19 months ago
Glad to see you take the high road on that one
JERRY6 19 months ago
12 of 20 not bad seeing as i never lived in the US have no idea what candy bar were available
19 months ago
Cherry Humps?
FLETCH cabugi 19 months ago
Filmnoirfan FLETCH 19 months ago
yea...let's not start
Filmnoirfan 19 months ago
MeTV actually did 😉
bnichols23 19 months ago
Hard to believe anybody "of a certain age" would miss any of these.
BobInBG78 19 months ago
How about the candy company name game? PETER PAUL made Caravelle, Almond Joy and Mounds back in the day. Remember "Some times you feel like a nut...some times you don't"
cperrynaples BobInBG78 19 months ago
"Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't"...LOL!
Catman 19 months ago
I got 17/20 and now I'm on a sugar rush. Sweet!
vinman63 19 months ago
All i can think of Fuji in the WWF
Catman vinman63 19 months ago
Fuji made me think of the (excellent) 35MM camera film
vinman63 Catman 19 months ago
yeah that too
jimmyvici 19 months ago
13/20....cherry humps my @$$...sounds like a stripper name 🤣
trogg888 jimmyvici 19 months ago
cherry humps was delicious
Catman trogg888 19 months ago
Yes she was
jimmyvici Catman 19 months ago
My man!
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