Which brother did it: a Brady or a Cartwright?

Did these brotherly shenanigans happen on Bonanza or The Brady Bunch?

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Brotherly love can often look like anything but. Teasing and roughhousing are par for the course, no matter what age!

The Brady boys got into their fair share of hijinks, and though they were older, the Cartwright brothers on Bonanza didn’t always act like it.

Here are some memorable exploits of both trios. Can you guess which ones are describing a Brady and which ones are about a Cartwright?

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  1. Who accidentally turned his hair orange?
  2. Who liked to play with a fencing sword?
  3. Who pretended to be ghosts so their house wouldn't be sold?
  4. Who did funny impersonations to give himself a personality?
  5. Who thought he saw real leprechauns?
  6. Who hid a goat in his bedroom?
  7. Who entered a flapjack eating contest?
  8. Who tried to fly by strapping giant wings to his arms?
  9. Who got stuck in a meat locker at a butcher shop?
  10. Who wrestled each other in a giant mud pit?
  11. Who got thrown in jail by a prospector living in a ghost town?
  12. Who taught a lovesick friend to sing but ended up accidentally impressing the girl himself?

Which brother did it: a Brady or a Cartwright?

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bonc 5 days ago
I got 12 out of 12 correct.
Dysall 19 days ago
12/12 Although I guessed at the ones about the goat and the ghost town. Those two sound like something that would happen on both shows.
harpo4evr Dysall 12 days ago
Greg stole the mascot of the rival school.
MaryAnn 20 days ago
12/12 Didn’t watch much Bonanza, but I sure do know the Bradys!
bradyguy MaryAnn 16 days ago
Me too. NEVER seen an ep of Bonanza...but I know me some Bradys. (Check the screenname...😁)
ElizabethBoop 21 days ago
Anybody else think they should have made these questions three-way choices? As in "was it a Brady, a Cartwright, or a Douglas?"
bradyguy ElizabethBoop 16 days ago
Nice. Could have put the Douglases down the middle in the tic-tac-toe board...

AND...just for un, we could have added Ernie, Jamie Hunter from Bonanza, and Cousin Oliver.

On second thought though...let's not!!
ElizabethBoop bradyguy 15 days ago
Cousin Oliver is now playing one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michelangelo, I think. Mind you, he turned sixty last month.
HowardSpague 21 days ago
12/12 who wants do date me?
dmirarh HowardSpague 20 days ago
Don's Nutz...
Great monicker! I think Howard was greatly under rated by TAGS fans, the episode
where he lives on a Caribbean island is on my top ten TAGS list.
Pastorgman 21 days ago
12/12 - Had to guess on #12, but all other questions were easy; a process of elimination.
sjbang88 21 days ago
10/12 Having watched like 1 episode of the Brady Bunch, because I hated the show so much, my score isn't that bad
bradyguy sjbang88 16 days ago
Not if you knew Bonanza...???
Ratt1959 21 days ago
You got 12 out of 12. Had to guess on a few.
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