Can you recognize classic TV Westerns from the very last shots of the series?

See how these cowboys went out.

They all don't ride off into the sunset. In fact, most cowboys don't, at least not on television.

The final shots of TV Westerns don't always feature the main character. That makes identifying them a little tough. But you can take tough — after all, you are a Western fan.

We grabbed the very last thing you see in some unforgettable series. Can you guess them?

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  1. Hopefully you won't be as confused looking as these two.
  2. We'll raise our glass if you get this one right.
  3. Who is that man in black waving goodbye forever?
  4. They're almost riding off into the sunset.
  5. This comes from a finale called "The Sharecroppers."
  6. This one was called "The Hunter."
  7. This one was called "One of Our Trains Is Missing."
  8. This one was called "The Jarbo Pierce Story."
  9. Perhaps you'll recognize the feller driving the wagon?
  10. Will your quiz have a happy ending?

Can you recognize classic TV Westerns from the very last shots of the series?

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Muleskinner 6 months ago
8/10. I thought I would get them all.
Walter 8 months ago
missed 3 & I thought I knew westerns
LindaWilliams 8 months ago
You got 9 out of 10
Time to roll credits… how did you do?
Runeshaper 8 months ago
You got 7 out of 10
Time to roll credits… how did you do?
AlmaTMilone 8 months ago
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anthony 8 months ago
5/10.No happy ending either.50% is good for me on a western quiz though.
NicholeBGrose 8 months ago
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ELEANOR 8 months ago
So why does the Lone Ranger wear a mask? And why does he have an Indian as a sidekick? Well, there was an actual Lone Ranger and he did have an Indian as a sidekick. The Lone Ranger was actually a Black person which kind of explains the mask and he was located in Oklahoma which at that time had a lot of Indians in it, so he needed an Indian sidekick to help in assisting the Indians.
Moody ELEANOR 8 months ago
Bass Reeves
He arrested 3,000 and killed 14 in self defense.
JoePetitjean 8 months ago
5/10 actually i did better then i thought.
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