Are these Gilligan's Island visitors or early U.S. presidents?

Do you know names like Waterford, Wiley, Fillmore and Farrell from history books or Sixties TV?

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How well do you know the many kooky visitors who happened to wash up on Gilligan’s Island? Well enough to be on a first name basis?

We’ve gathered characters seen on the classic castaway series and mixed them with a few presidential names you might remember from history class. You won’t find any Lincolns, Madisons, Jeffersons or Washingtons, though. Not even an Adams or Taft. 

Only history buffs and classic TV experts can ace this quiz. Good luck!

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  1. James Monroe
  2. Duke Williams
  3. Alexandre Gregor Dubov
  4. Martin Van Buren
  5. Norbett Wiley
  6. Grover Cleveland
  7. Beasley Waterford
  8. Millard Fillmore
  9. Zachary Taylor
  10. Jackson Farrell
  11. Franklin Pierce
  12. Chester Arthur
  13. George Barkley
  14. John Tyler
  15. Jonathan Kincaid

Are these Gilligan's Island visitors or early U.S. presidents?

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Arbie 14 months ago
That is the fastest 15/15 I've ever clicked through. All it took was a basic knowledge of US history.
GEMof72 17 months ago
15/15, I just knew the presidents.
Steve2021 19 months ago
Chester Arthur ! 21st president I missed this one. Oh well back to US History.
STTOS 21 months ago
You got 15 out of 15 - Whether you knew all the answers or need a quick history refresher, we solute the effort! Dear MeTV, please tell me this was done as a joke. I would certainly hope that the average MeTV watcher is old enough to recognize a U. S. President's name. Sadly, someone under 30 may not know them (do they still teach history?) but I don't think they are watching MeTV.
DanDo77 21 months ago
Franklin Pierce, isn't he also a MASH character? I got this one right on the quiz, but it could throw some people off.
Dayna DanDo77 21 months ago
That was Hawkeye's name
DanDo77 21 months ago
15/15 Only the 2nd time I ever got 100% on a METV quiz. All you need to know is your American history for this one.
DaveBunzel 22 months ago
The fact that this quiz even exists is sad.
jerrygon 22 months ago
15/15 Too easy if you were educated before the year 2000!
WilliamJorns 24 months ago
15/15. That one was WAY too easy!
Supercat58 24 months ago
Knew them all, but only because I recognized the presidents’ names. There were only a few of the Gilligan names I remembered.
wndyeliza 24 months ago
Did better on this one than the Star Trek quiz!
Jeffrey 24 months ago
''You got 15 out of 15'' ----Whether you knew all the answers or need a quick history refresher, we salute the effort! MeTv misspelled salute, as solute, which is obviously wrong!
L 24 months ago
Missed two. I never heard of Chester Arthur or George Blakeley. Obviously lesser known presidents who didn't amount to much.
Jeffrey L 24 months ago
NO!, #13 is George Barkley.
fuzzball329 24 months ago
i'm glad gilligan is back but sad it is only one hour while that show about pedophiles immediately before is two hours long.
GeraldHunter 24 months ago
Can there ever be a reason for not knowing the difference between an American president and a tv character?
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