Adjusted for inflation, did these '70s movies make more or less than modern blockbusters?

Did Star Wars sell more tickets in 1977 or 2015?


The 1970s birthed the modern blockbuster with hits like Jaws and Star Wars. Many other now classic movies from that decade, including The Godfather, Rocky and The Exorcist, drew massive crowds of moviegoers.

With box office numbers now talked about in billions instead of millions, it seems like the blockbusters of today make more than their share of cash. But how much of that is inflation and how much is actual tickets sold?

Here are twelve matchups between hit movies from the 1970s and modern blockbusters of today. To keep a straightforward comparison, we’re using only the amount of money each movie made in the U.S.

Adjusted for inflation, do newer movies sell more tickets or do classic films blow modern films out of the water?

  1. Which Star Wars movie made more in today's money?
  2. Adjusted for inflation, Jaws made over $1.2 billion. Is that more or less than both Jurassic World films combined?
  3. A Star is Born made $80 million in 1976 and $215 million in 2018. Which one made more in 2020 dollars?
  4. Here are two great gangster movies by two iconic filmmakers. Which one made more in today's money?
  5. The recent Stephen King 'It' movies raked in the dough. Combined, did they make more than 'The Exorcist' adjusted for inflation?
  6. Which one of these superhero flicks made more in 2020 dollars?
  7. Adjusted for inflation, which one of these raunchy comedies made more money?
  8. Which of these crime capers made more in 2020 dollars?
  9. Adjusted for inflation, which of these science fiction movies made more money domestically?
  10. Which of these high school comedies made more in today's money?
  11. When adjusted for inflation, did 'Rocky' make more than both recent 'Creed' movies combined?
  12. Which of these shipwreck movies made more in 2020 dollars?

Adjusted for inflation, did these '70s movies make more or less than modern blockbusters?

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Lacey 48 months ago
12 out of 12
I know my movies. (The good ones anyway)
Trip103118 48 months ago
10/12. Interesting enough I missed 1978;Superman. &. Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Two of my favorite films :(
Runeshaper 48 months ago
You got 9 out of 12
You really know your movies. Great job!

Woohoo! :)
Stoney 48 months ago
11 for 12. Missed "It" vs. "The Exorcist"
MarioKlein 48 months ago
Got 10 of 12 correct. I missed #6 and 9. I use to watch a lot of movies in the past compared to now.
MrsPhilHarris 48 months ago
9/12 About as good as I figured.
Randall 48 months ago
I know it's a sixties movie but the one I'm curious about is TSOM 1965 vs. star wars 1977 TSOM played in theaters for several years!!!
stephaniestavropoulos 48 months ago
I don't know why the so called experts argue over which A Star Is Born was the first filmed. They claim to be experts. The first one, was with Janet Gaynor, NOT Judy Garland. The Janet Gaynor version came out in 1937, and the one with Judy Garland came out in 1954.
{I know the versions of ASIB that were mentioned were not these two, I just wanted to make mention of something I've read, that had me bothered a bit. Don't know why, I guess it's because these people claim to be "experts," and they [the disagreers, of course,] couldn't agree on the obvious choice!}
Jeremy 48 months ago
I can breathe easy now! I only missed three!
teire 48 months ago
9/12. A little too math oriented for me.
cperrynaples 48 months ago
8/12! BTW, The Sting came out in 1973!
Moody cperrynaples 48 months ago
A great movie, one of my all-time favorites. I also liked the original Ocean's 11 over the the remake by far. I didn't see the sequels to the 2001 version.
MrsPhilHarris Moody 48 months ago
Love the original Ocean's 11!
Lantern 48 months ago
The 1954 version of A Star is Born runs circles around both of the later versions.
MrsPhilHarris Lantern 48 months ago
I've not seen the Gaga version but I agree the 1954 version is way better than the Streisand version.
Have you seen the original version? The 1937 one with Janet Gaynor? I haven't. Just curious to know if you have. I haven't seen any version, except the odd clips here and there. I don't get all thiis hype about the Lady gaga version. I know its supposed to be the most faithful to the book. But she, to me, cannot sing as well as Barbra Streisand. She, along w/Cher are two of my favorite female vocalists.
Have you seen the original? {I just asked this of MrsPhilHarris, so I thought I would pose the same question to you?}
In case you didn't see my previous post: I'm talking about the one w/ Janet Gaynor. [1937.]
I have seen it numerous times. It's good but I prefer the Judy Garland version. That said I thought Fredric March was a better Norman Maine than James Mason.
Sorry, I haven't looked at this quiz for about three weeks so didn't see your question. I do seem to remember watching the 1937 version some time ago (probably on TCM), but I don't believe it was a musical. And I think there was a version before that - "What Price Hollywood?" that came out in the early 30's. I'll have to look it up on IMDB.
TheDavBow3 48 months ago
9/12. I missed 2, 8, and 9. I forgot how popular Avatar was. Also The Sting and Jaws/Jurassic messed me up.
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