How well do you know the career of Louis Gossett Jr.?

Do you know his movies, TV shows and awards?


You may know him for his military roles in movies like An Officer and a Gentleman or Iron Eagle but did you know, early in his career, Louis Gossett Jr. acted alongside legends like Sydney Poitier?

Gossett Jr. has been entertaining audiences for over six decades. He’s won many awards, portrayed iconic characters and continues to work in many projects at the age of 84. You can now also see him on MeTV in The Powers of Matthew Star.

How well do you know the details of his long career? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Was his first role in a movie or a TV show?
  2. His first movie role came in which Sydney Poitier film?
  3. Early in his career, Louis Gossett Jr. was credited as what?
  4. He won a Primetime Emmy Award for acting in what?
  5. In 1977, he starred in 'The Deep' with which up-and-coming star?
  6. Gossett Jr. starred with Richard Gere in 'An Officer and a Gentlemen' which was released in what year?
  7. True or false: Louis Gossett Jr. won an Oscar for his performance in 'An Officer and a Gentlemen.'
  8. What is the name of his character in 'The Powers of Matthew Star'?
  9. He was also in what '80s sequel to a '70s horror movie?
  10. Gossett Jr. starred in how many 'Iron Eagle' movies?
  11. The last one in the franchise is called 'Iron Eagle _____ _____ _____.'
  12. Gossett Jr. starred in which 2019 HBO series?

How well do you know the career of Louis Gossett Jr.?

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Stoney 48 months ago
10 for 12. I thought there were only two "Iron Eagle" movies, so I missed the two related to that.
Johnnyfever1 48 months ago
Great quiz high score 9 out of 12. But the quiz was missing information about the unaired pilot for Blazing Saddles called black Bart which he played Cleavon Little's title role in 1975. The episode is on the special features of Blazing Saddles Blu-ray
cperrynaples Johnnyfever1 47 months ago
TRUE! Believe it or not, more episodes were shot but Mel Brooks stopped it! I saw it 45 years ago and it wasn't at all funny!
Corey 48 months ago
Lou's best line: Only two things comes from Texas: Steers and Queers and I don't see horns on you.
MikefromJersey 48 months ago
4 for 12. They should have included his turn in a outstanding Bonanza episode, which runs on MeTV after all. Ahead of it's time, Gossett refusing to let Hoss assume the role of his rescuer.
The entire cast was supportive of the Civil Rights struggle. Roberts wouldn't re-sign when NBC wouldn't let a black woman be cast as a love interest, NBC countered with a Indian love interest
but no go.
TheDavBow3 48 months ago
9/12! Excessively overachieved on that one!! Man, "Jaws 3-D" sucked shark sh*t 💩💩!
TheDavBow3 TheDavBow3 48 months ago
What a waste of his talent on Jaws. I hope he got a great payday at least.
Catman 48 months ago
7/12 I really like LG but I didn't do so hot here.
texasluva 48 months ago
Well its Saturday folks. So time to kick back and read your favorite MeTV stories and answer quizzes while enjoying some rip-roaring Classic Rock music. I implore you to uses your buds or HP to these because they create some good vibrations.



With the exception of BTO, good choice of songs. I never liked this particular BTO tune because they were making fun of someone's stuttering. {If ye olde gray matter is in working order, I hope I am remembering this right.} Now, The Who, Roger stutters during My Generation and that doesn't bother me. I think that's because they weren't making fun of anyone, I think one of them said it was cold in the studio and that's how it happened to get into the song. Speaking of TW, any fans out there WHO haven't read either Roger's or Pete's autobios., I highly recommend them. They don't leave anything out. Pete's is the longer of the two, but that's {I'm assuming,} he was/is the songwriter and he went into of everything I've read about THE HIGH NUMBERS {a name they went by very briefly.} My favorite story has got to be early on in the band's existence. I can't remember what exactly he did, but Roger did something that Keith John and Pete didn't like, and they kicked Roger out of his own band HE founded! It wasn't for very long, though.
That should read: "he went into a lot of the backstories on how he wrote the songs and how the albums came to be."
Moody texasluva 48 months ago
Great selections again especially Pink Floyd. Of these, the only band I saw live was Blue Oyster Cult in the 70s. Their live version of Godzilla was awesome! I always wanted to experience a Pink Floyd concert. I've seen them on dvd but never in person. Thanks for sharing!
There is a long story about this. I had no idea anyone was poking fun at others. I think it was his brother which was manager of the band at one time. It actually hit #1 for a bit. I will just give you the site rather then the story if you wish to check out. It was said they did not intend to give more then one copy to his brother for fun and someone put it out and the rest is history.
Thanks for the link. You try and keep something from others, and it usually backfires and {so it feels,} the whole world finds out. I know the "boys in the band" meant it as a joke. By ';his brother," I'm assuming you are referring to Randy Bachman being the one whose idea it was. Nice brother! I don't care if his brother didn't mind that they teased him about his stuttering, that still doesn't make what they did right. Randy should have stuck up for his brother. Well, that was 46 years ago. Nothing can be done about it now.
jimmyvici 48 months ago
Fantastic actor, iconic voice. But those Iron Eagle movies were cheesy at best. Not his fault. He did his due diligence in that franchise.
Awe..😟 I loved the first Iron Eagle 🤗
DIGGER1 AllisonWunderland 48 months ago
I like all '4' I.E. films.
frenchman71 48 months ago
I bombed this - 6/12. But he's a great actor. So glad he won the Oscar for "AOAAG".
marmetv20 48 months ago
5/12 and I love Lou Gossett Jr!
SashaPayneDiaz 48 months ago
5/12 Every one a complete guess.
MaryAnn SashaPayneDiaz 48 months ago
I knew for sure #4 and #5. The rest were guesses. We got the same score.
Gary 48 months ago
I love his acting but bombed the quiz.........aint tellin how many
AllisonWunderland Gary 48 months ago
😂 Ditto!
MrsPhilHarris 48 months ago
7/12 Started out strong then got the last 5 wrong.
sandman 48 months ago
7/12. Compared to Mrs. 11/12 and she didn’t mind rubbing my face in it!
Big3Fan 48 months ago
8/12 I knew #5, the rest were guesses. Never saw the deep but remembered that Nolte was in it.
Jeremy 48 months ago
I only missed #11 and most of them were lucky guesses that just made sense to me.
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