Can you ayyy-ce this true or false quiz all about The Fonz?

Can you find the false Fonz facts?


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The Fonz is one of the most popular characters to ever appear on the small screen. His mannerisms and style are loved and imitated the world over. He is the epitome of cool and made Happy Days the classic sitcom that it is.

But how well do you know this iconic TV rebel? Only the biggest Fonzie fans can get all 15 of these true or false questions right. Can you?

  1. Fonzie’s first name is Arthur.
  2. Joanie Cunningham is the only person allowed to call him by his first name.
  3. Henry Winkler played The Fonz in every single Happy Days episode.
  4. The Fonz was Henry Winkler’s first television role.
  5. The Fonz was originally in a gang called the Eagles.
  6. The Fonz was raised by his grandma, who calls him “Skippy.”
  7. Fonzie moves into the Cunningham’s basement.
  8. The Fonz’s “magic touch” only works on jukeboxes.
  9. Fonzie’s favorite old west character was Jesse James.
  10. The Fonz always liked to comb his hair.
  11. Sharks were Fonzie’s biggest fear.
  12. Henry Winkler had never waterskied before the infamous “jump the shark” episode.
  13. The Fonz rode the same kind of motorcycle as Steve McQueen in ‘The Great Escape.’
  14. Richie is the only other character who wore Fonzie’s famous leather jacket.
  15. The Fonz fights the devil's nephew in one episode.

Can you ayyy-ce this true or false quiz all about The Fonz?

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DerekBird 38 months ago
You got 15 out of 15
Correctamundo! You raced through that quiz!

Of course I aaaayyyyyy-ced it.
EllisClevenger 49 months ago
You got 13 out of 15
Correctamundo! You raced through that quiz!
Missed #2 and #10.
David 49 months ago
When the Fonz turned into a "cartoonish super hero" - the show was lost and over.
The clever and charming script writing and nostalgic take on 50s America only lasted 2 full seasons.
Jay 49 months ago
12 out of 15.

Not bad for someone who hasn't seen this show in years.
PaulaJanePieklo 49 months ago
Comb question waa trick question I got right!
ForeverHappyDays 49 months ago
I thought Fonzie's biggest fear was Liver.
Claude ForeverHappyDays 47 months ago
Yes...#11 is a bullshit question. I fell for it also.
Voyage_Lover_32 49 months ago
7/15 haven't watched this show in a long time
Steven 49 months ago
What killed the show of "Happy Days" was they went away from The 1950's to 1960's and too much on Joanie
without a Richie brother who is gone!
I was gonna be on "JOANIE LOVES CHACHI" because I knew Ralgh Manza who was on The Show and it would have been their second season. The show got cancelled.
AndreLOL Steven 43 months ago

Вы имели в виду Ральф, а не Ральф. R A L P H не R A L G H

Легкая ошибка, когда не обращаешь внимания. Один делают многие американцы.

Мы здесь.

F O N Z I E был намного лучшим персонажем, чем Ричи.
Flash4001 49 months ago
I loved him as a Mourgue Worker/Pimp with Micheal Keaton in "Night Shift". Beaten up by Shannen Daughtery and her troop of Bluebells with boxes of cookies. Shelly Long is one of the prostitutes they pimp out of the City Mourgue.
DerekBird Flash4001 38 months ago
It was a really good movie. I need to find a Torrent site to download it from.
RoberttheWallace 49 months ago
14 out of 15--not too shabby! Henry Winkler was Fairly decent on " Happy Days ", however I really liked him in " Scream " [ where strangely enough, he was"t even credited { if I remember correctly } ]!
CarolKelley 49 months ago
Lots of MINI Cooper drivers are familiar with the Fonzie maneuver where you bang on the inside of the door a bit above the speaker if the window gets stuck in the up position. It usually works and is cheaper than getting the window motor fixed. This is mostly a hot weather problem, for some reason.
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