Are these vintage ads from when Happy Days is set or when it first aired?

Are these ads from the 1950s or the 1970s?


Image: Sealtest / Coca-Cola / Jamison / Hershey

The classic seventies sitcom Happy Days was pure nostalgia for a time twenty years before it aired. So much changed in those two decades but some things stayed the same.

Here are 16 vintage advertisements from either the 1950s, when Happy Days takes place, or the 1970s, when the show was produced. Can you properly place each ad in the right decade?

  1. When is this Sherlock-esque advertisement from?
    Image: Burberry
  2. When is this holiday Coke ad from?
    Image: Coca-Cola
  3. What about this Coca-Cola advertisement?
    Image: Coca-Cola
  4. What decade is this retro Disney games ad from?
    Image: Disney
  5. This ice cream boasts rasperry, vanilla and orange-pineapple all in one! When did this ad come out?
    Image: Sealtest
  6. What decade is this tropical candy bar ad from?
    Image: Hershey
  7. These boots are being advertised in the...
    Image: Freeman
  8. What about these sandals?
    Image: Joyce
  9. This shoe ad references the 1920s, but what decade did it come out?
    Image: Jarman
  10. Here's an ad for a John Wayne TV special that aired in the...
    Image: Budweiser
  11. What decade is this colorful yarn ad from?
    Image: Pernelle
  12. You could get your very own Pillsbury mug in this ad from...
    Image: Pillsbury
  13. Does this ______ ad make you want Butter Rum Life Savers?
    Image: Mars
  14. This ad for jeans is definitely from the...
    Image: H.I.S.
  15. What about this skirt ad?
    Image: Jamison
  16. Lastly, when is this pajama ad from?
    Image: Manhattan

Are these vintage ads from when Happy Days is set or when it first aired?

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Jeffrey 47 months ago
''You got 8 out of 16'' --------------Some didn't ''ad'' up. Better luck next time!
Bob 47 months ago
12/16. Tougher than expected.
Dario 47 months ago
13 out of 16; missed questions 8, 9, and 10. 😁
Greg 48 months ago
Missed 1 I magnified the page on the J Wayne add the guest list was a give away it was the 70s
gingercookie Greg 47 months ago
You couldn’t guess John Wayne by his heavier, older (long-haired) appearance? I’m sort of surprised that one stumped so many people!
EllisClevenger 48 months ago
You got 8 out of 16
Some didn't "ad" up. Better luck next time!
I forgot the 'Alf explanation'.
If the ad appeared from the 50s, it was a 70s ad
trying to be retro.
If the ad was straight forward, it was a 50s ad, with no pretensions.
gloryman 48 months ago
Great quiz,live the we app.
stephaniestavropoulos 48 months ago
I got a wee bit over 1/2 right. I love commercials and advertisements. I have all of the ad books a publishing business called TASHEN has put out. These books are weighty tomes, and worth every penny. theyh are very well put together and printed. For those of you who haven't seen them I highly recommend that you check them out. If you can't afford them you can at least {I think} get a free look on Amazon.
I mean I have all the volumes that the have printed from the early 1900's-1990's.
BobD 48 months ago
12/16. Harder than I thought, since I love collecting old magazines!
SashaPayneDiaz 48 months ago
14/16 Missed Sherlock & The Duke hustlin' brew.
Runeshaper 48 months ago
You got 14 out of 16
Great job! You looked good on this quiz.

That was fun! :)
Muleskinner 48 months ago
12/16. The hairstyles and clothes in the pictures helped on a lot of them.
Aside from what you said helped you, {which also helped me,} were theway the ads were. How they were printed, hwo they looked. Although there were a couple/few which I thought were '50's, but weren't!
BZCITY 48 months ago
Ouch! 7/16..
Runeshaper BZCITY 48 months ago
I get those Ouches too sometimes!
armidashultz 48 months ago
Boy , was that bad and I grew upon this lol 🙋🏻‍♀️
Runeshaper armidashultz 48 months ago
You're a good sport for trying!
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