The 10 most popular quizzes on MeTV in 2018

Test your knowledge of Mayberry, the Bradys, TV moms and more!

Over the last 12 months, we have tested your trivia knowledge with hundreds of quizzes. They covered everything from television and music to snack foods and slang. 

Curious to know which quizzes got the most plays? Well, we crunched the numbers. Here are the 10 most-taken quizzes of 2018. See how many you can pass!

We certainly learned one thing —  you really love Mayberry, and know a lot about it!

1. Can you answer these classic TV questions from real 'Jeopardy!' episodes?


We'd wager that Trebek's got nothing on MeTV fans in these categories. TAKE THE QUIZ

2. Are you a big enough Andy Griffith Show fan to ace this Mayberry trivia challenge?


This 40-question whopper puts your Andy knowledge to the test. See how far you can get before you get one wrong. TAKE THE QUIZ

3. You're the ultimate classic TV fan if you can score 10/12 on this quiz


These tough questions were designed to stump even the most tuned-in viewers in TV history. TAKE THE QUIZ

4. Can you fill in the word missing in these TV titles?


Three shows share a single word. Can you guess it? Try not to draw a blank… TAKE THE QUIZ

5. The mother of all classic TV mom quizzes


Was it June Beaver or June Cleaver? TAKE THE QUIZ

6. Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Mayberry


One wrong step takes you outta your favorite small town. TAKE THE QUIZ

7. The big, big Brady Bunch quiz


You'll need much more than a hunch. TAKE THE QUIZ

8. You have to be a Baby Boomer to ace this quiz


Sorry, Millennials, you can't win all of the internet. TAKE THE QUIZ

9. Can you name these characters from classic TV?


Only loyal viewers can keep these often-confused characters straight. TAKE THE QUIZ

10. Can you name the classic TV show from just one episode description?


We describe a memorable episode. You tell us the TV show. TAKE THE QUIZ

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Lucyneenah19701 66 months ago
Please bring back I Love Lucy! AND Here's Lucy! And The Lawrence Welk Show!
djw1120 Lucyneenah19701 66 months ago
Lawrence Welk????
Just how old are you anyway?
Lawrence Welk runs on PBS where I live.
djw1120 Lucyneenah19701 64 months ago
My GRANDMOTHER used to watch "Lawrence Welk" when it was on TV as a FIRST RUN SHOW!
That was before they even heard of "repeats".
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