Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Mayberry

One wrong step takes you outta your favorite small town.

The Andy Griffith Show is timeless, which makes it endlessly rewatchable. The end result: lots of folks who know Mayberry like the back of their hand. 

Sound like you? Well then, step up and take this Mayberry challenge!

Below, we take you on a tour of Mayberry, only you're the one calling all the stops. Pick the right answer every time to stay in Mayberry. 

One wrong step takes you outta town and makes you outta luck if you want to count yourself a Mayberry expert. Good luck!

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  1. If you grew up in Mayberry, you probably went to high school right where Andy and Barney did. Which high school name is printed on your yearbook?
  2. Oh no! You look up from the yearbook and notice you need to do some home repairs. Whose fix-it shop would you visit?
  3. That's okay, you need to run some errands today anyway. You had company who ate up all the groceries in your pantry. Where would you shop for food?
  4. Well, there's more on your to-do list, so it’s time to gas up. Whose name is on the gas station you go to?
  5. You catch a glimpse of your reflection in the glass at the gas station and it looks like you could use a haircut. Which is “the best clip joint in town”?
  6. Weird! On your way to the barber, you see a kid wandering around town all alone. Which kid is it most likely to be?
  7. You don’t have much time for lunch, but good thing this spot is right around the corner. Where would you eat?
  8. You dribble some sauce on your shirt and decide to just buy a new one since you’re out, so you head to which department store?
  9. Errands are done now, so you decide to take in a movie. Which movie theater would you find in Mayberry?
  10. It’s dark outside now, but the night is still young. Pick a band you could go see play live in Mayberry:

Try to make it through this quiz without leaving Mayberry

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Newyorkcitygal 36 months ago
I got #7 wrong! Do not remember that name of the lunch place being called Snappy Lunch?
John111911Smith 38 months ago
Aced it! That makes me a Mayberry expert.
JuneMiller 60 months ago
I always had lunch at "the diner"
ndebrabant 61 months ago

You got Mayberry Expert!
Nice job! Maybe you should be the one giving the grand tour.
rycki1138 61 months ago
9 out of 10. I picked the wrong grocery store. I had a 50/50 chance because I knew it wasn't Walker's, but I picked the wrong one.
JeffFlowers rycki1138 45 months ago
MeTV is wrong. Foley's was a meat market, not a grocery store.
I believe you're right. That's where Aunt Bee bought all that meat to put in the freezer she bought that broke down.
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