Meet the cast: Woody Woodpecker's friends

Sometimes friends are searched for. Other times, they're drawn together.

Any anthropomorphic cartoon animal needs a cast of supporting characters, right? They need foils, friends and foes; all are necessary to give the main character something to play off of.

We can't picture Bugs Bunny without Daffy or Elmer to oppose. So, what about our pal, Woody Woodpecker? He's got plenty of supporting characters. You might just be less familiar with them. Here are, for your enjoyment and edification, a few of Woody Woodpecker's allies, amigos, and antagonists. 

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Saturdays at 8 AM

*available in most MeTV markets

1. Woody Woodpecker


Let's start with the Big Dog. He sure is one loony 'toon! Best known for his out of control zaniness and signature laugh, Woody Woodpecker is at the center of some of the most exciting cartoons of all time.

2. Andy Panda


No, not Andy Griffith. Andy Panda! This Chinese panda bear is Woody's best friend, and the second most important protagonist in the Woody Woodpecker cartoons. Like most of us, Andy initially wanted to murder Woody, but they're friends now.

3. Chilly Willy


Walter Lantz' second most famous cartoon character, Chilly Willy is our personal favorite penguin. He was in 30 episodes of The New Woody Woodpecker Show. He's the only penguin who's not equipped for cold weather.

4. Wally Walrus


No, not Wally Cleaver... This is Wally Walrus. Tony Dow's tusks are much tinier. Plus, Wally Walrus speaks with a Swedish accent, so that makes it easier to tell them apart. He's slow-paced, angry, and a great foil for good ol' Woody.

5. Buzz Buzzard


Just like every cowboy needs a horse, every hero needs a villain. So, in the case of Woody Woodpecker, that villain is Buzz Buzzard. He's sneaky. He's sleazy. He's sly. And he won't stop giving Woody a hard time!

6. Winnie Woodpecker


But, soft! what light through yonder window breaks? It is the east, and Winnie Woodpecker is the sun. Shall we compare her to a summer’s day? Winnie Woodpecker is more lovely and more temperate. She's Woody Woodpecker's girlfriend! 'Nuff said!

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Loneranger55 7 months ago
Great cartoon,but I can't get enough of Deputy Dog and Musky...

Snickers 10 months ago
Wish I could find Underdog and George of the Jungle. Found some clips on youtube but not the full episodes.
Bricat2001 Snickers 10 months ago
did you try internet archive?
Snickers Bricat2001 10 months ago
Not yet but will give it a try.
KirwoodDerby 10 months ago
I remember as a boy back in the late sixties we could only receive three tv stations. We were very limited on the number of cartoons we could watch during the weekdays but in the fall after the leaves fell we could pick up WGAL channel 8 from Lancaster, PA. After school Woody Woodpecker aired.
What a blessing that was. I think I’ll always remember that when I see Woody. Such a small thing and yet how beautiful the memory.
cartoonsarefun 10 months ago
Woody is an excellent addition to the Saturday line up.
mitz123 10 months ago
I always liked the older original Woody. He was zanier and nuttier. The newer Woody was more subdued and bland. I didn't see it this weekend, but I have it set for next weekend. Looking forward to it.
TheSentinel mitz123 10 months ago
Not everyone may be into the newer (1950s-1972) Woody, but I actually preferred New Woody (who was presented similarly by this point to Bugs Bunny in the same time frame, as an everyman type who only reacted when provoked by his antagonists) over the older version from the '40s.
cartoonrenewalstudios 10 months ago
I restored a Woody Woodpecker Cartoon - you can see it on my youtube -

My new 275 pg book on MeTV classic television is free today -
scp 10 months ago
I am delighted Woody Woodpecker is now on MeTV.
LalaLucy 10 months ago
I have great memories of watching Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy reruns in the morning while getting ready for school. Nice to see them added to the lineup. Now, if only Me-TV could dare make a move in the rest of the schedule, that would be nice...
clovergirl 10 months ago
Can MeTV air The Ant and the Aardvark? Magilla Gorilla, Wally Gator, Peter Potamus, Tennessee Tuxedo, Snagglepuss, Dastardly and Muttly? Haven't seen any of those in ages.
Bricat2001 clovergirl 10 months ago
ant and aardvark were made by the same people as the pink panther, i found it odd that METV never aired the cartoons when pink panther was on the schedule 😳
top_cat_james_1 clovergirl 10 months ago
Thankfully, every series on your list is readily available on DVD. I own five of the above myself.
JayMunne clovergirl 10 months ago
Love those suggestions especially Magilla Gorilla. Would also love to see Mighty Mouse / Hekyl & Jekyl and Hannah Barberra cartoons.
MadMadMadWorld JayMunne 10 months ago
I can name so many older but fantastic cartoon series I grew up with: Huckleberry Hound (1958-62; incl. Pixie and Dixie and Mr. Jinks; 2 mice and a cat), Heckle & Jekle (1946-66; 52 episodes of magpies who resembled a cartoon version of The Three Stooges wildness), Quick Draw McGraw (1959-62; and Baba Looie), Mighty Mouse, Ruff and Reddy (1957-60; cat and dog; 156 episodes), The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show (1959-64; 163 episodes), King Leonardo and His Short Subjects (1960-63), The Alvin Show (1961-62), THE BEATLES (1965-67, 39 episodes).
From: Wikipedia: List_of_animated_television_series_of_the_1940s_and_1950s, and List_of_animated_television_series_of_the_1960s.
TheSentinel Bricat2001 10 months ago
Yep, we had the Pink Panther, the Inspector and Roland and Rattfink, but no Ant and the Aardvark, Crazy Legs Crane, Misterjaw or the Tijuana/Texas Toads.
Bricat2001 TheSentinel 10 months ago
now that i think about it, did METV only air the 60s pink panther cartoons? i know there were some in the 70s as well
MeFanFromSavan 10 months ago
Yes, watched this morning. Have not seen these cartoons for many years.
Tamera46 10 months ago
Thank you so much for the new addition to the Saturday morning cartoons! I love Woody! Brings back so many memories!
Garyboz 10 months ago
Love the new addition to Saturday Morning Cartoons. Thanks MeTV.
Lefty_R_1929 10 months ago
What kind of Sawdust Joint is ME TV running these days?
I want the Pink Panther Back!!!!
This is awful!!!!!

Tom & Jerry is just okay
Popeye was Meh to Okay
Now, there's Woody Woodpecker, he was groovy in his day, but the people in charge of the Mornings are in need of some help
Don't make call Toonie The Tuna and leave an Irate Message on 'Toon' Three!!!

Although, I love the Three Stooges on Saturday evening and then followed by Svengoolie and Batman and Star Trek (although, I usually don't make it to Star Trek) I fall asleep or get into something else

Come On Me, with with ME here and bring back the Pink Panther!!!!

SMH as usual
DanDolgin 10 months ago
Yes, they are always changing the cartoon schedules, but the rest of the shows are all the same except slight changes in Carol Burnett, Ed Sullivan, and Alfred Hitchcock. I like Ed Sullivan Rock and Roll Classics better than the regular show.. Alfred Hitchcock already changed weeknights to Alfred Hitchcock presents even before the change was made on the schedule. I don't know why we need 2 hours of MASH every weeknight and 1 more hour on Sundays. They should add something else in that time slot instead of more MASH. There is room on Sunday for something more than just more Andy Griffith and MASH. That 1 1/2 hours on Sundays could be put to better use.
ColleenBender DanDolgin 10 months ago
I agree, they have way too much MASH, and primetime during the week is stuck in Deja Vu mode.
LmerFudd 10 months ago
What about Knothead and Splinter, Woody's nephew and niece???
danielmark7 10 months ago
I’m glad that at least the network has improved its cartoon schedule unlike the daytime and evening slots! Same old tired shows! I refuse to watch Monday through Friday anymore!
ColleenBender danielmark7 10 months ago
Me too. I've completely stopped watching METV during the week. Too much MASH too!
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