8 times the ''Rawhide'' theme was used in other media

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Chances are, whether you've seen the show or not, you're already familiar with Rawhide's iconic theme song. It's the only part of the show that rivals Clint Eastwood's fame. The song replicates the sounds of a cattle drive as a whip-cracking cowboy calls out instructions for his team to herd some doggies. Hee-yaw! 

Because we all love the theme song so much, here are eight times it was used in something outside of Rawhide's eight seasons.

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1. The Blues Brothers

In the 1980 action-comedy film, brothers Jake and Elwood, along with their band, sing the song at a country Western bar to appease a rowdy crowd that just isn't into the blues.

2. An American Tail: Fievel Goes West

In An American Tail, "Rawhide" soundtracks a scene in which Fievel rolls through the Wild West in a tumbleweed. Trivia: This version is actually the same version performed and produced for The Blues Brothers!

3. My Favorite Martian

In Disney's 1999 feature film adaptation of the earlier CBS series, actor Wayne Knight plays a sentient suit named Zoot. And, as the suit, he sings "Rawhide" while he and his alien brethren flee Earth in a spaceship.

4. Histeria!

Scoopin', scoopin', scoopin'
The cattle keep on poopin'
Our backs all hurt from stoopin'
Cow pies!

So goes the parody song in Histeria!, a 1990s WB animated sketch show created to meet FCC requirements for educational/informational content for children. How... edifying!

5. A Little Curious

The now-defunct HBO Family ran a children's animated show called A Little Curious for two seasons from 1999-2000. In season one, episode 17, the show featured a segment-long parody of "Rawhide!"

6. The Simpsons

I mean, come on! The Simpsons have done everything by now! Specifically, though, the show features yet another parody of "Rawhide," sung by Homer, Lenny and Carl as they roll on toxic waste barrels in "Millhouse Doesn't Live Here Anymore."

7. Shrek 2

In what can only be described as the Godfather Pt. 2 of the Shrek franchise, Donkey sings a little rendition of "Rawhide." Although it's one of many popular songs that made its way into the Shrek movies, this one isn't on the Shrek 2 soundtrack!

8. Happy Feet Two

In what can only be described as the Shrek 2 of the Happy Feet franchise, "Rawhide" is sung by a group of elephant seals marching on an iceberg. The song, and the elephant seals' Australian accents, can be heard on the Happy Feet Two soundtrack!

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tootsieg 23 days ago
Very funny!!! Loved the videos.
Runeshaper 24 days ago
Great song and this proves it!
LoveMETV22 24 days ago
1. The Blues Brothers
Glad "The Blues Brothers" chose "Bob's Country Bunker" for the "Rawhide" theme as it accurately depicts the bar scene one might find when out for some good ol' clean fun.

John Belushi sure shows his skills with a whip in that scene, perhaps a carry over from his
sword wielding skills as "Samurai Futaba,"on SNL. Credit to Dan Aykroyd and the rest of the band as well for their rendition of the theme.

"Rawhide" in "A."

Andybandit 24 days ago
I only remember the Rawhide theme song in the Blues Brothers, I love that movie.
Irish 24 days ago
I got to meet Frankie Lane in the early sixties. It was a thrill!
MrsPhilHarris 25 days ago
I remember hearing it in The Blues Brother movie.
KJExpress 25 days ago
I think I remember this theme used in a dog food commercial. Probably something like Chuck Wagon. I'll have to look it up.
Found it for you. But I prefer the versions with the dog chasing the little chuck wagon.
MrsPhilHarris KJExpress 25 days ago
I remember it too!
Thanks for finding this! But I agree about the older commercials. Seeing the chuck wagon drive around and disappear into the cupboard always fascinated me as a kid. 😄
justjeff 25 days ago
I loved that theme song as a kid, and my dad bought me the Columbia 45 - sung by Frankie Laine... the unintentionial king of Western-themed pop hits... ("Jezebel", "Mule Train", "High Noon (Do Not Forsake Me)", "Rawhide", "Blazing Saddles", etc.)...
Snickers 25 days ago
I seem to remember Billy Crystal singing a some what different version of the Rawhide theme in "City Slickers".
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