Danger! Behold these 26 weird and wild aliens from 'Lost in Space'

Spiders, blobs, frogs, beauties and monsters! The 1960s sci-fi show delivered dozens of colorful creatures.

No sci-fi show is complete without exotic aliens, and no series dreamt up more fantastical aliens than Lost in Space.

Perhaps due in part to both ingenuity and budget constraints, Irwin Allen's space adventure crafted creatures unlike any other show, a mish-mash of horror, fairy tales, xenobiology and, er, vegetables. 

The aliens of Lost in Space sit somewhere between the colorful humanoids of Star Trek and the quirky beings seen on Dr. Who. With over 80 episodes, the show churned out dozens upon dozens of aliens — too many to list in full. Here are some of our favorite.

1. "There Were Giants in the Earth"

A giant cyclops!

2. "Invaders from the Fifth Dimension"

A couple eerie floating bald heads with no mouths try to make off with Will's brain to power their computer.

3. "The Sky is Falling"

The alien Taurons send this robotic scout, which meets a relaxing (he always seems to be relaxing) Dr. Smith. It looks a bit like a Roomba with two Sputniks and a venus fly trap stuck to it.

4. "The Raft"

This shaggy, two-headed (or is that two-eyed?) beast is looking for a couple good (unwilling) workers to tend his garden.

5. "The Sky Pirate"

Arrrr, ya planet lubbers! This pirate has an adorable robotic parrot on his shoulder.

6. "The Space Croppers"

There are hillbillies in space, but they are not what they seem. In fact, they are witches, and the Ma, whom Dr. Smith tries to charm, has a stepson who turns into a werewolf.

7. "The Ghost Planet"

We leap into color in season two, which allow us to witness robots like this in all their glory. The glowing globe reminds us of a teddy bear.

8. "Forbidden World"

Ah! This flabby ape-chicken will haunt your dreams.

9. "Space Circus"

With a title like "Space Circus," you would expect a menagerie of freaks, and indeed it delivers. We dig this space yeti.

10. "Prisoners of Space"

The production seemingly unpacks just about every monster costume it owns for a freaky tribunal. There's the Sasquatch thingee with one eye on a stalk from the earlier "The Magic Mirror," but we throw the spotlight on this bug-eyed space spider.

11. "The Android Machine"

As the title implies, this episode delivers a silver android woman from a vending machine, but let's not forget this moss man with the glowing ember eyes.

12. "A Visit to Hades"

Hell serves up a traditional looking red devil man with horns, but he can't hold a candle to this awesome creature, a hybrid of Mars Attacks! and Swamp Thing.

13. "The Golden Man"

Of course, there is a handsome golden man, Keema, who looks akin to one of Goldfinger's victims. His adversary is the little frog alien. If you've read fairy tales, you can probably predict the outcome here. The frog is a prince, and Keema turns out looking like a microwaved pumpkin.

14. "The Girl from the Green Dimension"

A cross of Marta from Star Trek and a Braniff Airlines flight attendant, Athena looks like something out of Kirk's little black book.

15. "The Questing Beast"

This magic dragon — or the costume, at least — turns up on Batman as a dinosaur

16. "The Space Vikings"

As you can see, the latter half of the second season dives into some kooky fantasty elements. Take this operatic Space Viking for example.

17. "Treasure of the Lost Planet"

The pirate from "The Sky Pirate" turns up again, on the hunt of this golden robot head. Could be a MacGuffin for the upcoming Indiana Jones movie, perhaps?

18. "The Astral Traveller"

Angus! Ol' Angus here brings to mind Cousin Itt made out of spaghetti.

19. "The Galaxy Gift"

The dapper, glittering Saticons make for one of the more memorable adversaries on the series. This definitely reminds us of something from Dr. Who.

20. "Hunter's Moon"

Hey, some people compensate for baldness in different ways.

21. "Space Destructors"

A man in khakis with nylons over his head. The android budget was perhaps running low?

22. "Flight into the Future"

These stone men would make great backup dancers for Katy Perry at the Super Bowl.

23. "Collision of Planets"

Space bikers!

24. "Target Earth"

These melting mud-blob creatures take the form of the Robinsons.

25. "The Flaming Planet"

Dr. Smith is outfitting this plant creature for war. G.I. Palm?

26. "The Great Vegetable Rebellion"

What better way to finish? The penultimate episode features an ecological theme and Tybo, a giant carrot man. Dr. Smith is turned into celery, too.

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PeterNormanHeimsoth 39 months ago
The creature from "A Visit to Hades" was plainly based on the Metaluna Mutants from the movie "This Island Earth."
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