7 retro fashion, foods and trends inspired by the space age

We should thank NASA for this.

We know a lot of cool gadgets were invented thanks to NASA, including cameras on our smart phones and scratch-resistant lenses. But a lot of great things were also inspired by the Space Age thanks to the public's fascination with outer space and the imagination of a few incredible visionaries. 

So many areas were impacted by the space program, it's hard to imagine a world without it. Here are some out-of-this-world trends and products that existed because of the space program. 

1. Space Age furniture

The "Space Race" during the Cold War sent the U.S. government scrambling to put a man on the moon, but it also had ramifications in our homes. In the late 1950s and 1960s, Space Age furniture started popping up across the country. The furniture emphasized fluidity and motion, and often featured bright primary and metallic colors. 

Image: The Glamorous Housewife

2. NASAdent

Like all great things, NASAdent was created out of necessity. Because astronauts can't spit in space, NASA needed to created toothpaste that could be swallowed. The invention was used exclusively for astronauts until it was put on the consumer market in the 1980s. 

3. Braniff Airlines uniforms

While most Americans were jetting off to vacation spots on Pan Am or TWA, one airline was aiming for the stars. The colorful Braniff Airlines took inspiration from the Space Age by having Emilio Pucci design the futuristic uniforms for its stewardesses. 

4. Freeze-dried ice cream

Nicknamed "astronaut ice cream," the freeze-dried treat has roots with NASA. Originally, freeze-dried foods were created to withstand long trips to the moon and reduce the weight of water. The ice cream was created by Whirlpool, and had consumer appeal because it didn't need to be refrigerated.

Image: TheSaver

5. Moon boots

Giancarlo Zanatta was so inspired when he saw the moon landing in 1969, he went back to Italy and urged the design team at his company to whip up some drawings for the lunar-themed footwear. 

Image: Moon Boot

6. André Courrèges's fashion

Courrèges created some of the most iconic looks of the 1960s when he sampled styles from the space program. His famous "space look," like white boots and box dresses, are identified with the 60s. If you need an example, look no further than Audrey Hepburn's look in How to Steal a Million. 

Image: AP Photo/R. Goldberg

7. Sci-fi TV shows

Without an interest in outer space, there would be no programs on television that take place there. The 1960s saw a slew of TV shows set in the stars, including Star Trek, Lost in Space, and The Jetsons.

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VaughnBaskin 37 months ago
Not to mention every Hanna-Barbera sci-fi action and adventure cartoons like The Adventures Of Jonny Quest, Secret Squirrel, Space Ghost and Dino Boy, Birdman and The Galaxy Trio, Young Samson and The Space Kidettes, Frankenstien Jr. and The Impossibles, The Fantastic Four, and of course The Herculoids.
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