Collector's Call Web Extras: Iconic Hollywood cars and awesome replicas!

How much is a real Monkeemobile worth?

Holy Hollywood hot rods, Batman! Michael Knight and Mel Gutherie not only have a Batmobile in their incredible garage, but these car fanatics also own a Monkeemobile, Munster Koach, KITT, Mystery Machine, Mach Five and more!

Featured items in their collection of original and replica Hollywood cars range from the Ghostbusters' Ecto-1 to the A-Team van.

All told, Michael has built replicas of more than 130 classic Hollywood vehicles — and Mel owns one of the two original screen-used Monkeemobiles. We brought along John Jendza, a car collector and auto historian who valued the collection into the seven figures!

Take a look — and see two vehicles we were not able to fit in the show.

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1. Image Gallery: Inside the Collection


This garage full of classic Hollywood vehicles has a Batmobile, Munster Koach, KITT and more!


2. Bonus Video: The A-Team Van


Dirk "Faceman" Benedict and Dwight "Murdock" Schult both autographed this perfect replica of the two-tone GMC van seen on The A-Team.


3. Bonus Video: The Blues Brothers Car


This 1974 Dodge Monaco has been fixed up and modeled to look like the Chicago police cruiser driven by Jake and Elwood in the classic 1980 comedy The Blues Brothers. That's a working air raid siren on the top, and Dan Aykroyd himself autographed the dash.


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Pacificsun 11 months ago
That's 30 minutes I'll never get back in my life. So who produced this episode. Who hasn't seen the Batmobile (not even the original). And since MeTV doesn't show classic movies (hello) what's the point of Vacation and Grease? And the attempt at a trade was lame! Who you should be visiting is ... George Barris!
F5Twitster 46 months ago
“Speaking of Dan Aykroyd, the actor also signed this replica of Jack and Elwood's ride in the 1980 comedy The Blues Brothers.”

JAKE and Elwood! Jeez, folks, do your bloody homework or you’re going to be slimed!
M60A3Driver 46 months ago
I noticed the guy had a custom made shirt with all of the cars on it. There was a Dukes of Hazzard General Lee Charger on his shirt which means he has one. Why wouldn't you show the most iconic car ever to be on TV? No need to answer, I already know the cowardly answer.
lou 46 months ago
don’t want to own any of them at any cost. I want to get some old stuff out of my garage
Rocker 46 months ago
Sweet hot rods would love to own one but we're some of them Po folks but I can dream
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