Collector's Call Web Extras: An 'I Love Lucy' collection loaded with rare items!

Check out these rare I Love Lucy collectibles and items from Lucy's personal collection!

Bryan Watkins has been a Lucille Ball fan since childhood. He hasn't just "loved" Lucy, he's collected her — assembling a range of items from rare memorabilia to precious personal possessions.

He shares with us some of his most treasured acquisitions. We brought along Kieta, a memorabilia expert and fellow lover of Lucy, to appraise his collection.

Plus, watch two web exclusives that we were not able to fit in the episode!

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1. Image Gallery: Inside the Collection


You're gonna love these rare I Love Lucy dolls, costumes, paintings and more! In total, it's all worth about $500,000!


2. Bonus Video: 'Life with Lucy' Cast and Crew Watch


Lucille Ball gifted this wristwatch to the cast and crew of Life with Lucy, her short-lived and final sitcom that aired for one season in 1986. Indie musician Jenny Lewis was on the show!


3. Bonus Video: 'I Love Lucy' Ricky Jr Shirt


The company His Nibs sold this promotial tie-in to the hit Fifties sitcom, selling dress shirts for boys featuring Little Ricky himself on the box — and Bryan has a shirt in its original box!


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kimmer 48 months ago
Lucy made it fun for us redheads to be proud of our ginger looks. She chose a color many of us were born with. Always thought that was so cool.
starrmervine 48 months ago
I hate to age myself but I remember seeing the first I love Lucy show around 1952 or 1953. It was on a black and white tv in Cleveland Ohio. I was hooked for life. There is no one like our Lucy, oh and Ricky too!!!
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