Collector's Call Web Extras: A Matlock star with a monster collection

This character actor has rare costumes from Planet of the Apes, Matlock, Phantasm and more.

Veteran Hollywood character actor Daniel Roebuck has appeared in more than 200 films and TV shows during his illustrious career, in roles ranging from Jay Leno in The Late Shift to Andy Griffith’s sidekick “Cliff” in the TV series Matlock.

Daniel is an equally impressive collector of horror and science-fiction movie memorabilia. He's staying safe at home, virtually showing off some of the highlights of his collection.

Let's take a closer look!

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1. Image gallery: Inside the collection


Take a closer look at clothing worn onscreen by Andy Griffith, "Apes" and others! Plus, awesome props and relics relating to the Munsters, Bela Lugosi, Peter Boyle and more!


2. Bonus video: Autographed Boris Karloff program


The horror icon did more than monsters. Karloff also performed in theater, specifically a stage production of Arsenic and Old Lace — in Alaska, of all places. Daniel has two programs from the play, one of them signed by Karloff.


3. Bonus video: 'Phantasm IV: Oblivion' prosthetic mask


Fellow character actor Bob Ivy sported this spooky getup as "Demon Trooper" in the 1998 horror sequel. Makeups are the "holy grail" of collecting horror movies, according to our expert.


4. Bonus video: Autographed Vincent Price program


The one-of-a-kind Vincent Price portrayed another iconic figure, Oscar Wilde, in a one-man theater production. Daniel approached the star and procured his signature — and a pretty great impression of Price!


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hermanstein2015 49 months ago
He was awesome on Matlock, it's nice to see a fellow horror collector with way cooler stuff than I'll ever have lol. Long live Frankenstein!
3kittymama 50 months ago
Eleanor, you know nothing about this man except what you read here. You are a real sourpuss!
denny 50 months ago
I've always liked this guy. Just watched the movie in which he played Jay Leno a few weeks back. He was also great on an episode of Monk. Bring him back for a part 2, this episode worked better than I thought it would with the whole social distancing.
Cathy 50 months ago
I remember him being on Nash Bridges. I love this show.
ELEANOR 50 months ago
Who really cares. I can think of all that money that's being spent on collectibles, that can be spent elsewhere. Or if nothing else, they can send a collectible or two to auction and donate those proceeds to charity. During this time of doing battle with COVID-19, there are many people in need. It is almost sacrilege to feature this type of program during these times.
tallships56 ELEANOR 50 months ago
Actually, despite this Pandemic, there are people that are collectors and enjoy seeing what they have collected throughout the years. Yes, some people do care!
DavidH ELEANOR 50 months ago
Sure, Dan is an avid collector. And his collection has preserved some serious artifacts of Movie and TV history. That is not all he has done.
He is also founder and moving force behind A Channel of Peace, a network which is working to produce and support film and other multimedia projects that provides faith-filled family entertainment. He has been associated with Catholic Charities and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS). He has also been involved in producing plays as fund raisers for schools. Dan has even hosted a blood drive at his home, where donors were treated to a tour of his collection. Easy to be a critic of someone you don't know.
denny ELEANOR 50 months ago
I care. And who are you to tell anyone what to do with his or her money.
hermanstein2015 ELEANOR 49 months ago
A lot of his items were given to him, or they were actually his from his childhood. That's the fun part of collecting it takes you back to a better time. If I work for my money and pay my bills and I wanna buy some monster stuff I can. I'm sure he feels the same way.
ETristanBooth 50 months ago
The "watch now" button for #4 is not working.
FrankensteinLover 50 months ago
Now that's A Collection, cant wait to see more Frankenstein Stuff Tonight.
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