Collector's Call Episode 8 Web Extras: Rare Marvel and Pogo comics artwork

Take a look at a million dollar sketchbook and some rare Marvel artwork.

Artist Jim Engel is a cartoonist and toy designer by trade, so it’s no surprise that he is the proud owner of a comic-book art collection more than five decades in the making. See the original artwork for Marvel’s Avengers No. 53, Jack Kirby work, and original artwork from a 1977 Captain America issue.

Engel had more awesome collectibles that we could not fit into the episode. Watch bonus clips with rare art from Marvel and newspaper strips. Plus, take a closer look at items featured on the show.

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1. Bonus video: Marie Severin Marvel Cover Art


Illustrator Marie Severin brought her unique comic style to Marvel's satirical Not Brand Echh title in the 1960s. Her original large art for the cover of issue No. 3 in 1967 features a spoof of Daredevil.


2. Bonus video: Pogo Comic Strip Artwork


These original Pogo art panels by illustrator Walt Kelly appeared as daily comic strips in newspapers. Find out what they are worth.


3. Image gallery: Inside the collection


What makes a sketchbook worth a million bucks? Take a closer look at the items featured in this episode, as well as their estimate values and some behind-the-scenes shots.


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