Collector's Call Episode 6 Web Extras: A doubleneck Gibson guitar and an original Fender

Take a tour through one of the most impressive guitar collections on the planet.

Even if you don't know guitarist Jim Peterik, you certainly recognize one of his riffs. As the guitarist in Survivor, he was known for hit songs like "Eye of the Tiger," including that iconic, chugging opening heard in the Rocky films. Peterik's rock cred also stretches to his work with .38 Special and the Ides of March.

His collection of 193 guitars contains some true rarities, including some of the earliest models of electric guitars, with some individual instruments in the six figures.

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1. Episode 6 Extra: Gibson EDS-1275 Doubleneck


You could climb a "Stairway to Heaven" with this baby, but it does weigh a hefty 15 pounds.


2. Episode 6 Extra: 1954 Fender Stratocaster


This gorgeous electric guitar, similar to the one used by Buddy Holly, comes from the first year of production.


3. Episode 6: Inside the collection


Learn more about the guitars featured in Episode 6 of Collector's Call — and what makes them so valuable.


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dtilton57 62 months ago
I have a large collection of mostly vintage 60's, 50's and some 70's toys, but I've also collected a few well known screen worn costumes from television and movies. One favorite of mine, is Bob Keeshan's 1974 red jacket he wore as Captain Kangaroo. I love watching your show, and I'm inspired by seeing other peoples collections!
D 62 months ago
I personally have no interest in this show at all. I was watch METV for the classic tv, not reality shows. If I wanted to watch reality shows , I would have cable. The downfall of METV, reality shows.
MarkJamesMeli D 57 months ago
Yup...ONE reality show. It's a regular outbreak. When will it end??
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