8 sweet treats and pieces of pop culture turning 40 years old in 2017

Wait, Luke Skywalker is older than the high five?

What if the original Star Wars ended with Luke and Han giving each other high fives? Well, as you will soon see, that would have been impossible — not to mention, a pretty terrible ending.

Let's take a look at some candy, cereal, fads and clothing turning 40 this year. 

1. Bubblicious


Those of a certain age will remember a time before gentle bubble gum, when pink chunks of Bazooka gave a jaw a workout. That all changed in 1975 with Bubble Yum, the first soft bubble gum. A couple years later, Bubblicious followed with "the ultimate bubble."

Image: Cadbury Adams / YouTube

2. Chia Pet


Ch-ch-ch-chia! Who didn't want to smear wet chia seeds all over a terracotta head and watch that green "hair" grow? The first Chia Pet, Chia Guy, was created in September 1977. Five years later, the Chia Ram followed, along with that infectious TV commercial. These days, you can get both current and incoming presidents as Chia Pets.

Image: YouTube

3. Cookie Crisp


No breakfast cereal felt more sinful. Children could divide themselves into two groups — those with parents who let them eat Cookie Crisp, and those without. After all, it was a bowl of cookies! (Kind of.) Originally, a wizard named Cookie Jarvis pitched the sugary stuff, magically turning breakfast bowls into cookie jars. Years later, as adults, we still love to treat ourselves just because we can.

Image: Ralston Purina / Wikipedia

4. The high five


As hard as it is to believe, the celebratory gesture is younger than Apple Computers. The invention of the elevated slap is widely credited to Los Angeles Dodgers teammates Dusty Baker and Glenn Burke, who high-fived in the final regular season game. They would make it to the World Series that year.

Image: Thinkstock

5. I ♥ New York


Graphic designer Milton Glaser, who crafted a psychedlic poster for Bob Dylan and co-founded New York magazine, was the mind behind this world famous — and much copied — iconography. He was commissioned by the New York State Department of Commerce for a campaign promoting tourism to the state. However, most people solely think of the Big Apple when they see the T-shirts, not Schenectady.

Image: AP Photo

6. Slim-Fast


Diet drinks were hardly new. Meal-substitutes like Metrecal and Sego were pitching themselves to the weight conscious in the 1960s. Slim-Fast touted, "a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch, then a sensible dinner." Does "six bowls of Cookie Crisp" count as "sensible"?

Image: bluwmongoose / Flickr

7. Star Wars


We have a feeling you'll hear a little something about this in the upcoming year. The industry-changing sci-fi flick hit theaters on May 25, 1977, long before anyone refered to it as "Episode IV" or "A New Hope." It was, and shall remain, simply Star Wars.

Image: Wikipedia

8. Underoos


"The underwear that was fun to wear" continues to be sold today. Underoos were the creation of Larry Weiss, a former product manager for Post Cereal, who had come up with Fruity Pebbles. In 1977, he was sketching out ideas for superhero-themed underwear sets when his young son spat out a name: Underoos. Fruit of the Loom brought them to market in 1978. Check out 7 things you never knew about Underoos.

Image: Fruit of the Loom / YouTube



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