Herman-Aristocrat-Auto Racer-and Reason the English Cry "Munster, Go Home" -Tonight!

I mentioned a while back that we’re in the process of moving our Sven props , costumes, and set pieces to a different storage area, and that it might infringe on my blogging a few times- well, here be one of those times. My apologies, but, I’m running late, and won’t be able to bring you a brand new blog at this point- so- I fished around for one that might be entertaining for you! Here’s a blog from back in September of 2010: “One of my old friends, Second City alum Eric Boardman (who’s been out in Los Angeles for years now- we miss you back here, Tall Guy!) sent me a copy of an article the other day- which was then reprinted a few days later in the newspaper. It all revolved aroun...

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