Your next nostalgia kick: Converse brings back 1970s-style Chucks

How to follow the '70s footsteps in style.

Beyond just a popular pair of basketball shoes, Converse's Chuck Taylor All Stars quickly became a classic street style, doing for the sneaker world what the little black dress or tux does for formal wear. The shoes are basic, simple, classic. And while the shoemaker's legacy has seen as many high and lows as the styles of shoes they pump out, the 1970s editions remain their most iconic models. Which is probably why, as with all good things, Converse has brought the old shoe back to ring in this new year.

According to, Converse has revived their '70s Chucks as part of their Vintage Collection, which features some functional updates, some of which also borrow from the past. Unlike more recent styles of All Stars, these throwback shoes feature a heavier canvas, making these new models as trusty as the shoes you might've donned back then.

Although the shoe's fit might take you back, we doubt their new price tag will have quite that same effect. Nowadays these Chucks will set you back $80-$85. If only the old styles we love that are being rebooted week to week came with those old familiar pricetags! Still, it's neat to yet see another classic '70s style tapped for today's kids to follow in our footsteps.

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