William Shatner on UFOs: ''The mystery is definitely there''

Star Trek piqued the actor's interest in all things cosmic.

Are we alone, cosmically?

It's one of the great debates and has confounded minds for centuries. Everyone has an opinion about aliens, whether they're scholars or star-gazers. Do we have any intergalactic neighbors? Or is it just us out here, floating in infinite loneliness?

While it's hard to draw a definitive conclusion (at least right now), one thing is for certain: The possibility is really interesting. Thinking about the presence of other intelligent life even captivated a certain space pioneer. 

Because he starred in Star Trek, you'd think William Shatner would leave all the outer space stuff at work. However, not only was he interested in asking the big cosmic questions, but he also had an interest that predated his time on the show.

"I was indeed a science fiction buff before the show," Shatner remarked in a 1967 interview with the Calgary Herald.

By then, Star Trek was already a series of some esteem. It wasn't just applauded for its entertainment value. Early in its existence, the show was mentioned in the Congressional Record and was also awarded the Hugo Award by the World Science Fiction Convention.

All the accolades came as no great surprise to Shatner.

"Science fiction is coming into its own," he said.

"With this show piquing my interest, I've read up on some material on UFOs and followed it in the newspapers. There has been so much evidence from so many quality observers, you know, like airplane pilots and policemen.

"I feel that anyone who denies they exist is as foolish as the person who denies that God exists. The mystery is definitely there. And we know almost certainly that there is intelligent life among the stars."

What about you, reader? Do you have any thoughts about or experience with UFOs? We'd love to hear your opinions in the comments section below!

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bukhrn 5 months ago
I'm not so arrogant as to believe that this speck of dust of ours floating around in space is the only one out there with life on it.
Zip 5 months ago
I don't believe in aliens, bigfoot, or ghosts. But that's ok. They don't believe in me either.
Coldnorth Zip 3 months ago
I love that comment. The possibility is there
Runeshaper 5 months ago
I’m open to the possibility of there being more out there 👽
Croft1 5 months ago
Of course Aliens exist! Uh - three words: Mork from Ork - I rest my case.
Rob Croft1 5 months ago
Don't forget the Kannamids. They come in peace!
Coldnorth Croft1 3 months ago
Cone heads from SNL. we come from France. “We drink mass quantities (six packs of beer)
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