Watch 'Leave It to Beaver' stars Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow reunite as brothers on TV

Their reunion celebrates 60 years of the sitcom's success.

To celebrate 60 years of Leave It to Beaver, the Today show invited Jerry Mathers and Tony Dow on the talk show to talk about the "simpler time" of their sitcom days.

The interview is full of great exchanges. Right from the start of the discussion (about 2 minutes into the video), when host Matt Lauer gets nostalgic for how uncomplicated that era was. Mathers quickly reminds him of all the trouble Beaver got into back then. When Lauer agrees but then immediately insists Beaver never got into any real trouble, Mathers says, "But to a small boy, those are big problems."

Later Mathers talks about his actual home life as a boy during that time. For fans of the show, it's a great trip back to Leave It to Beaver, as they discuss the show's writers, stars and more behind-the-scenes insider stuff. The TV brothers even have a good-natured bout of teasing at the end, as Mathers discovers that after all this time, he's still Dow's "little brother."

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