Your final votes are in for Me Madness 2019: Prop Playoffs!

The next round is now open!

It's that time of year again — time for Me Madness, the ultimate classic TV tournament. In past years, we have determined the superior shows, the most awesome actors, the most iconic characters, and the catchiest theme songs.

But the cast and composers can't take all the credit. A classic TV show needs memorable props, too. We're talking wardrobe, furniture, toys, tools, telephones and whatnot.

You helped us determine the greatest TV prop — the most preeminent prop, the most perfect prop — of all time in a five-day tournament. Which item did you covet for your collection? In the end, only one could win. And "all signs" point to the fact that you love M*A*S*H. Click the link above to see the winner and explore the earlier rounds. Thanks for playing!

Want to discover more craveable collectibles? Be sure to tune in later on Sunday, April 7, at 10PM | 9C, for the premiere of Collector's Call on MeTV!

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KevinHathaway 64 months ago
I have spent the last 25 minutes trying to vote for my favorite prop, to no avail. This is bullshit. It's been a waste of my time. You all SUCK!
Jeffrey KevinHathaway 64 months ago
Not nice.
My first attempt was a bit frustrating until I figured out you had to scroll down past the Vote Now button.
BennyHill 64 months ago
Jeannie's bottle???? That's what I thought of first. Or Kojak's lollipop?
I know, I know....
DenisWotton 64 months ago
2 props I would have included and voted on were either the Monkee Mobile or Mike Nesmith's hat. Also, too bad I Dream of Jeannie wasn't still on METV because that bottle is truly the most iconic prop from the 60s TV.
DenisWotton DenisWotton 64 months ago
And, as one reader pointed out, most of the 'props' were actually wardrobe pieces, so instead of Jed Clampett's hat from the Beverly Hillbillies, why did they overlook the most obvious iconic prop on that show - The old jalopy pick-up they owned? Or even the mansion they lived in?
cperrynaples DenisWotton 64 months ago
First of all, both of those are too big! Secondly, neither is on the market. The truck is at Planet Hollywood and the house is privately owned!
MrsPhilHarris cperrynaples 64 months ago
Planet Hollywood still exists?
Tambone18 64 months ago
I live the 1st and second season charlues Angel's ho poo e yaw p lb sy those soon
Pacificsun 64 months ago
Did people vote because they liked one thing better than the other? Or because they actually knew what they would do with it? For example, would you want the robot because he's more valuable, or something that would fit nicely into your space?

Just curious!
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 64 months ago
Good question. I picked Perry Mason's door because I could use it. I picked the Robot but would have no idea what I would do with it.
MrsPhilHarris 64 months ago
Some of those would be fun. I want Perry Mason's door.
Pacificsun MrsPhilHarris 64 months ago
Yeah, I wonder where the door's been hiding all these years. Did a collector finally give it up?
DavidWitt 64 months ago
You all need to learn the definition of "prop". Many choices were costume pieces, not props.....
DenisWotton DavidWitt 64 months ago
Yeah, they dropped the ball on some of those. Instead of Jed's hat from the Beverly Hillbillies, why not their old pick-up truck? Or even the mansion?
cperrynaples DenisWotton 64 months ago
You already wrote that, Denis! I may amend my posts, but I never repeat them!
cperrynaples 64 months ago
This is a fun poll, but can we all agree that Mrs. Beasley is the safer choice because she can't kill you...LOL!!
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