The 19 women Kirk kissed on 'Star Trek'

Watch all of Shatner's smooches in one romantic clip.

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19 women Captain Kirk kissed on Star Trek
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Lenore, Edith, Marlena and Shahna. Kelinda, Drusilla and Miramanee… Oh, the many names in James T. Kirk's little black book — or is that captain's log? The Enterprise stud was quite the ladies man on Star Trek, breaking barriers between race and species with his liberal lips. Between 1966 and 1969, Kirk smooched 19 women in 79 episodes.

William Shatner smashed faces with gorgeous actresses such as Barbara Bouchet, Marianna Hill, France Nuyen, Sherry Jackson and Nancy Kovack. Tough gig. We assembled a video montage of Kirk's kisses on the show. See if you can remember these fleeting romances of the Starfleet captain.

On a side note, did Lady Gaga borrow her look from Shahna (Angelique Pettyjohn) or what?

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