This video shows what the ideal prom night looked like in 1961

Does this video remind you of your prom night?

Do you remember your senior prom? Perhaps it was the most magical night of your life — or maybe it was a disaster you'd rather forget. No matter the case, those of us who went to our senior prom have vivid memories of the night.

With prom season right around the corner, today's seniors (who were born circa 1998, let's not forget) are no doubt planning their own magical nights. It will look radically different from this video that recently surfaced, titled "The Prom: It's a Pleasure!" The short film, sponsored by Coca-Cola in 1961, is a how-to guide to ensure your prom night is a roaring success. Here are some of the best moments that will definitely take you down memory lane.

The film starts out by introducing the main character, Mary Frann, who is America's Junior Miss. (You'll remember her as Bob Newhart's wife in the sitcom Newhart). She represents the ideal senior girl, so she's the obvious person to tell us about the perfect prom experience.

There's a lot of preparation that goes into planning the best prom night. It's not only about the perfect flowers, but also the manner in which you ask out your date. According to Mary, it's important to invite your date early so it seems like they are your first choice.

Preparation is critical to the success of the night. The boy has to think of everything well in advance, including the method of transportation, flowers and tuxedo. It's also important that the boy matches his tux and flowers with the girl's dress. But Mary has a unique take on the matter — she thinks the boy should ask around to see what his date is wearing, instead of asking his date directly. Makes sense, right?

When it's time to pick up his date, Mary says the date should get there early so the parents can "size up the fellow." That doesn't sound intimidating at all.

Once the dance is underway, there's a system to your dance partners. The first and last dance is reserved for the date, but any dances in between have to be written down on a "dance program."

Mary gives us another nugget of wisdom: In case there's a collision on the dance floor, it's always the boy's fault, no matter what.

If the party continues after the dance is over, Mary says it's important to continue to exude graciousness, consideration and fun. A good date will remember his girl's curfew, and escort her home on time so her parents don't get angry.

From the looks of the video, it seems Mary had the perfect prom night. Her date had a nice time too, dropping her off at her doorstep with the line, "I had a wonderful time... I think it was because of you." Smooth, very smooth.

Check out the full video below!

The Prom - It's A Pleasure (1961)

Take a look back at what the ideal prom night looked like in the early '60s. Sponsored by Coca-Cola. 

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