These Wonder Woman, Superman bookshelves are perfect for displaying your collection

A Turkish craftsman is selling these. Sorry, no Batman bookshelf yet.

Well here's the ideal way to show off your Mego action figures and comic books. This find comes to us via Bored Panda. Turkish artist Burak Doğan has turned classic superhero logos into beautiful home furnishings.

The iconic Superman "S" comes in black and white, while Wonder Woman's tesselating W's are available in white, red and red/yellow. Doğan also offers shelving in the shape of the S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America logos. Alas, there is no Batman, yet. Perhaps because all those curved surfaces of the bat logo would fail as shelving. Still, it would look cool on a wall.

Visit Doğan's page at for more images and info.

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