The sculptor behind the 'Scary Lucy' statue gives away his tools

The saga continues!

Bronze statues of famous television stars can be found across the country, but none have attracted more attention than one of Lucille Ball in her hometown of Celoron, New York.

In 2009, sculptor David Poulin caused an uproar after creating a bronze sculpture of the comedy legend that barely looked like her at all. Shortly thereafter, critics began calling the piece "Scary Lucy," with many comparing it to a zombie.

A campaign to replace the statue commenced in 2012, and last summer a well-publicized replacement was unveiled.

After all the commotion surrounding "Scary Lucy," Poulin says he's finally giving up the craft.

"I am so tired of the whole Lucy thing," Poulin told The Buffalo News. "I create 120 public works. I've been doing this for 27 years. People like my work. I do one piece, admittedly it was not one of my best works, and it just keeps coming up and coming up and coming up."

However, Poulin insists the negative press regarding his most famous statue isn't the reason he's stepping away.

"I'm an older dad," the 56-year-old sculptor told The Buffalo News. "Between putting a lot of energy into being a good teacher and wanting to spend time raising my little boy, spend time with my wife, as I've gotten older, I see things a little differently."

Poulin will donate his tools, estimated to be worth $15,000, to the Buffalo Maritime Center in Buffalo, New York. 

As for "Scary Lucy," the sculptor would be perfectly content to never hear about it — and likely Lucille Ball — ever again.

"I'm just tired of it," Poulin said. "Let's look at some other issues…. We get a whole society that's all pumped up because of an image of Lucy. That's just insane. That's how I've looked at the whole thing. It's just craziness."

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DethBiz 42 months ago
The Lucy statue to me looks more like Mrs. Olson the coffee lady (Virginia Christine) just as the Don Knotts statue in Morgantown, WV looks more like former president Jimmy Carter.
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