Only a true 'I Love Lucy' fan can get an 8/10 or higher on this quiz

Are you a Lucy expert?

Just about everyone in the country is a fan of I Love Lucy. After all, how can you not crack up at one of Lucy Ricardo's hysterical shenanigans.

We can all agree we love Lucy, but are you a super fan of the show? Let's find out. Take this quiz to see how much you know about the iconic sitcom. Good luck!
  1. Let's start off easy. What is Ethel and Fred's last name?
  2. Ricky is originally from which country or territory?
  3. What is Lucy's maiden name?
  4. How many seasons did the show last?
  5. How do Lucy, Ricky, Ethel and Fred know each other?
  6. What's the only country Lucy hasn't visited on the show?
  7. In what season does Lucy give birth?
  8. The network wouldn't allow 'I Love Lucy' to use the word "pregnant." Because of this, what is the name of the episode where Lucy reveals she's having a baby?
  9. In the episode 'Lucy Does a TV Commercial,' what percentage alcohol is Vitameatavegamin?
  10. In the episode 'Job Switching,' what's the name of the place where Lucy and Ethel work for the day?
Only a true 'I Love Lucy' fan can get an 8/10 or higher on this quiz

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