Confirmed: The next Perry Mason will be The Americans star Matthew Rhys

They finally cast the new Perry Mason.

Image: The Everett Collection

UPDATE: It has now been confirmed that Matthew Rhys will star in the HBO reboot of Perry Mason. For the series, Rhys will also serve as producer. But take heed, fans of the original Perry Mason: This version of the character will not look or feel like the top defense lawyer we watched Raymond Burr perform. Instead, Rhys' Perry Mason will serve more as an origin story for the lawyer, showing him as a private investigator making his name and struggling with the aftermath of his destroyed marriage. It sounds way more angsty than the buttoned-up Burr version, so we can't help but wonder why mess with perfection?

When they cast Matthew Rhys to star in The Americans - an original spy thriller with a married couple at its heart - he was riveted by the pilot, because "it was so far from a procedural." Now, HBO is reportedly eyeing him to do the opposite, and embrace the starring role of one of the best-loved procedurals of all time, Perry Mason.

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Pacificsun 2 days ago
I think they're wise to give it a new twist. You can only watch the original Perry Mason episodes so many times over and over. Which makes me ask MeTV, why not run some of the other year's episodes too. They're beginning to repeat now.
MrsPhilHarris 2 days ago
If it's going to be different why call it Perry Mason? This is just wrong. Please no.
CraigGustafson 2 days ago
In other words, "We're going to create an entirely new character, but we're going to call him Perry Mason. Just because we can."
Paul 2 months ago
A "new" Perry Mason TV series was tried in 1973 with Monte Markham and it didn't make it past the first season. Maybe a younger generation can see someone other than Raymond Burr play our favorite counselor, but I don't think most of us Boomers can.
Pacificsun Paul 2 days ago
Maybe because Markham tried to be Burr, in the role. Unwise.
Pacificsun 2 months ago
I just don't get it. Why bring back a classic, calling it "Perry Mason" with another actor? How can a show separate the writing, directing from the acting which makes it uniquely "that" show. Otherwise it becomes another show about a famous lawyer who solves every case! The same with Magnum P.I. Not that I was a huge fan, but Tom Selleck brought Magnum to life, and that's the point of why the show becomes popular. To me, it's just fair to the original creators who worked so hard good shows.
Pacificsun Pacificsun 2 months ago
It's just NOT fair to the original creators!
MrsPhilHarris Pacificsun 2 months ago
I will not watch it.
cperrynaples 2 months ago
I don't really see Rhys as Mason, I'm thinking either Paul Drake or Hamilton Burger!
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