The Monkees once reunited on Boy Meets World and this Wonder Years theory might explain why

Monkeemania made a subtle comeback in the 1990s!

In 1995, the sitcom Boy Meets World hosted a surprise reunion for any Sixties fans in the audience, when it brought together three members of the Monkees to play two songs on the show. The episode was called "Rave On," and in it, the two sons on the family show, Cory and Eric, accidentally plan a rave on the same night as their parents' anniversary.

As the boys try to time everything right to evade their parents' suspicion, the episode culminates with three guest stars on the show – Peter Tork (who played Cory's girlfriend Topanga's father), Micky Dolenz (who played Cory's dad's buddy) and Davy Jones (who played a random person Cory's parents met backpacking in England) – save the day by playing Cory's parents' "song" at just the right time.

That song is the Temptations' "My Girl," which apparently is the only time the Monkees have covered that gem. The episode also featured the Monkees covering that Buddy Holly hit that the Rolling Stones famously slayed, "Not Fade Away." (Dolenz crushes the vocal as he does).

But for those paying attention, you know that the role of Cory on Boy Meets World is played by Ben Savage, a child star whose brother is also a pretty famous face on TV, Fred Savage.

On The Wonder Years, Fred played Kevin Arnold to perfection, and the nostalgic show, which took a page from Happy Days' book and turned the clock back on the show's timeline from the late 1980s and early 1990s to the late 1960s and early 1970s, did a wonderful job of evoking that particular era.

In fact, if you paid close enough attention on The Wonder Years, you would've noticed that Kevin Arnold has a giant poster on the back of his door that you can clearly see in at least two episodes, "Hiroshima, Mon Frere" and "Whose Woods Are These?" Yes, it seems Kevin Arnold is a huge fan of the Monkees, which you can see from Micky's eyes peeking out in the screenshot below:

It's fun to imagine Kevin Arnold spinning The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees and swaying to Davy Jones' crooning "Daydream Believer" while thinking wistfully of his love Winnie Cooper, but to get back to our point, it would appear that the Savage brothers both spread love for the Monkees on their separate TV shows.

Since both shows are centered on coming-of-age stories, we just can't help but wonder if the older brother Fred initiated the younger brother Ben into Monkeemania, resulting in the band's reunion on Boy Meets World in 1995. However it went down, all this Monkeemania on 1990s family sitcoms is giving us flashbacks to that other nostalgic sitcom, The Brady Bunch, which famously found its star Marcia swooning over Davy Jones as a potential junior prom date.

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stephaniestavropoulos 64 months ago
Seeing this picture of course, saddens me. It also reminds me of the episode where Micky is a werewolf, Mike is a Zombie Davy a vampire, and Peter's brain is needed for the Monster. That one scene with Micky and Mike, and Micky gets all flustered worrying about being the only one left. It's almost prophet, as it is [unfortunately,] practically true.
Kevin swooning over Winnie over while listening to Daydream Believer, or reciting to Winnie {photo} the More Of The Monkees Track {recited so British-like [how else?!?!] by Davy!} "On The Day We Fall In Love."
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