The Addams Family is coming to MeTV beginning in May

Mysterious and spooky, they're altogether ooky!

The Everett Collection

Da-Da-Da-Dum, Snap Snap! They're creepy and they're kooky! That's right, the family that defined "ooky" is now part of the MeTV family. You and your family can watch The Addams Family weeknights at 6PM | 5C beginning Monday, May 3. Join Gomez, Morticia, Wednesday, Pugsley, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Cousin Itt, and Grandmama.

The Addams Family originally aired for two seasons, from 1964–66, but its gothic humor influenced generations of fans. Based on the macabre cartoons of illustrator Charles Addams, many of which ran in The New Yorker, The Addams Family was part of a wave of funny fantasy series in the Sixties. No wonder that its stars, John Astin and Carolyn Jones, later popped up as Batman villains.

Fun fact: The characters did not have names until the television series.

Over the years, the Addams clan never strayed far from the spotlight. In the Seventies, an animated cartoon and reunion movie, a 1977 Halloween special, proved the Addams were as popular as ever. Of course, two decades later, a fresh cast revived the franchise with a series of hit films. The irresistible theme music by Vic Mizzy remains one of the most well-known TV ditties.

On MeTV, you can revisit the original classic Monday through Friday, beginning in May. Need a hand? We have the "Thing" for you! Click the "Add to Favorites" button below to receive updates about Addams Family content, quizzes and news.

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Manu_Addams 38 months ago
Jdrknlvly 39 months ago
MeTV you should have left The Flintstones on your 6pm lineup. I really enjoyed relaxing in the evening by watching The Flintstones. Now I have to look for a different channel to see The Flintstones every evening. This is disappointing. It would be great to see you bring it back and replace Happy Day or some other show with The Flintstones, if needed. Just bring it back; we need our Flintstones in the evenings!
ajt1977 39 months ago
I am a totally blind listener! To METV! I enjoy these classic tv programs! Especially the carol bernet sho, and the ed Sullivan show!
onejae 39 months ago
The Flintstones were featured in 15 time slots during the week when the show was launched on MeTv (1 hour block M-F, plus the two-hour Sunday morning block, and 10PM slot before the Honeymooners) Now it's down to three slots on Sunday mornings. I have a feeling The Flintstones will be eliminated from the tv lineup by the end of the year :(
BreaB90 39 months ago
I don’t mind the Addam’s Family but why do they have to replace The Flintstones?? Why not one or both Adam-12 or whatever it is or Happy Days?? Cut some of the uninteresting shows!!
vinman63 39 months ago
Grandpa Al Lewis and Fred Gwynn had chemistry. Uncle Fester was a riot.
McAlisterBillie 39 months ago
Streaming service Tubi TV will have all 6 seasons of the Flintstones starting May 1st.
SalIanni McAlisterBillie 39 months ago
What about the new MeTV Plus channel that I heard about this week that for now will only be on in Chicago, Phoenix, Hooterville, and Mayberry? Will The Addams Family be on there as well?
Pikeman 39 months ago
It's a sad day to see The Flintstones taken away from Me Tv lineup... Alsway looked forward to 6 to watch them... There were other tired shows that could have been removed and not THE FLINTSTONES
Katbird1 39 months ago
Are they really taking off Flintstones? Will they keep it on for another time
Grynch_84 Katbird1 39 months ago
Still there on Sunday.
Zahcure Katbird1 38 months ago
Sometimes i can't wait for 6pm for the flintstones. Listen this monday like i always go on metv for the flintstones then when i saw the Aadams family i fanted
MarianneCoon 39 months ago
I love The Addams family but I can pick it up in many other stations--Pluto tv has a whole channel dedicated to it...I love The Flintstones and no one else shows them--I am heartsick.
Grynch_84 39 months ago
From the March MeTV cartoon poll. #1 & #2 were The Jetsons and Looney Tunes. Pink Panther was #17. Jonny Quest, Super Friends & Scooby-Doo were more highly rated. Wonder if those toons are on the list of future MeTV slots? Would be nice.
Chrisesmom199 39 months ago
There are so many older TV shows. Why have blocks of the same show on? That is being lazy and cheap. Bring back the Rockford Files, The Fugitive and some other; replace Gomer Pyle, Saved By The Bell, Happy Days (Fonzie was in his late 20’s or 30’s playing a teenager, Chuck went to his room and never came back) and keep The Flintstones, the first adult cartoon on Primetime TV. Once a show has gone through it’s complete series, replace it with something fresh. It gets old watching the same reruns cycle over and over. Love Star Trek. Never gets old.
Grynch_84 Chrisesmom199 39 months ago
Fonzie's character on the show was never in his teens. I agree about Star Trek, but when they "remastered" the episodes with special effects I was not impressed. Loved the old effects. The color of some of the planets was very creative.
denny Chrisesmom199 38 months ago
I watch The Rockford Files on Peacock free app.
RufusJames 39 months ago
So what is happening to The Flintstones?
teethclenched 39 months ago
I was hoping it was going to replace GOMER PYLE.
Brian 39 months ago
Did you ever notice that the Addams Family theme song's notes (do-do-do doo) seems to be the same as the intro notes in the theme song for The X Files? How freaky is that? A whole pile of X Files could be written about the Addams Family.
trast622 39 months ago
Fios in NY. You do not get the jetsons because of Jersey TV takes over at that time. Why so much saved by the bell. Share the wealth. More flint stones,jetsons.
Josey 39 months ago
Please take off Mannix and put Rockford files back on...
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