That Mad About You reboot has finally been confirmed

The series creators plan to take each other's hands and jump into the final frontier.

Sony Pictures Television

Late last year, Paul Reiser mused what a Mad About You reboot could look like, and apparently, the industry took note. Because now it's officially happening, and by all accounts, it seems to be going down exactly as Reiser hoped. When the Mad About You reboot airs, the plan is to show Jaime and Paul dealing with a new issue that nearly every married couple goes through: empty nest syndrome.

According to Consequence of Sound, Mad About You co-creator Danny Jacobson is also returning for the reboot. That news should excite any fans of Jacobson's 2015 reboot of The Odd Couple. Of course, that just proved his success in recreating a beloved classic, whereas the Mad About You reboot seeks to pick up where the series left off, almost exactly 20 years later.

If you watched the end of Mad About You in 1999, then you likely remember the series ended with a clips episode that already showed Jaime and Paul 20 years later. It's been reported that the details of that episode are going to be scrapped, so don't turn to the series finale to look for clues to the reboot. 

Read more about Reiser's ideas for the reboot here.

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