Henry Winkler imagines what a 'Happy Days' reboot might look like

Would you watch a show about the "Grandfonzie"?

Reboots are all the rage. Both Fuller House and the Will & Grace comeback have been renewed for second seasons. It's no wonder that every Hollywood mind is imagining what property can next be mined for nostalgia.

Earlier today, Happy Days star Henry Winkler appeared on People magazine's chat show People Now. Naturally, the conversation turned to the actor's thoughts about a potential Happy Days reboot. Would he take part in such a project?

"Well, maybe now as the grandfather, but certainly not as the Fonz — or maybe the Fonz as the grandfather." Now that's an idea we can work with. We'll call it The Grandfonzie.

Of course, this show would have be set around the turn of the millennium, which would sap Happy Days of its appeal. And it remains purely hypothetical, even though both Ted McGinley and Garry Marshall have floated ideas for a sequel series in recent years.

Winkler went on to share warm memories of working on Happy Days, pointing out that the show only fills him with good thoughts. "It changed my life," he said, "It introduced me to the world. It sent my children to college. [I think of] that I had fun doing what I had dreamt of doing since I was seven years old."

He was then asked what piece of advice he would give his younger self. "Improve on your vocabulary," Winkler said. Take a look and listen below. Stream episodes of Happy Days for free right here on our Videos page.

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