Take a look inside 'The Mary Tyler Moore Show' house, which recently sold for $1.45 million

The price dropped by nearly half for this spunky piece of TV history.

In the very first shot of the very first episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, we see the exterior of the building where Mary Richards will soon settle. It's actually a mansion in Minneapolis, but to TV viewers, it will always remain the home where Mary made it on her own.

That's why we've been watching as the house just sat there on the market for the past five years, with an asking price of $2.9 million when it was originally listed in 2012. We wondered about any changes the new inhabitants might make to alter one of our favorite settings in TV history. Well, it seems the Mary Tyler Moore house has at last sold, with a closing price of $1.45 million, which Biz Journals notes is a steep decline from 2012.

We're not sure what caused the drop, especially since the house has so much spunk. Check out some photos below from Realtor.com:

Our only guess is like Lou Grant, some home buyers hate spunk.

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