MeTV remembers Valerie Harper with episodes of The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda

Tune in Sunday, September 8, as we remember Rhoda.

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Television lost a legend on August 30, as Valerie Harper passed away at the age of 80. As Rhoda Morgenstern, she crafted one of the most iconic characters in sitcom history. Rhoda's wedding, which aired as a two-part episode of Rhoda, remains one of the most-watched events in TV history. Revisit it again, or see it for the first time, as MeTV remembers Valerie Harper.

Tune in Sunday, September 8, from 5PM | 4C to 8PM | 7C as MeTV highlights the talent and charm of Valerie Harper in her role as Rhoda Morgenstern.

Here is what you will see.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show 

"Rhoda, the Beautiful" - 5PM | 4C

Rhoda enters a beauty contest but continues to put herself down.

"Is a Friend in Need" - 5:30PM | 4:30C

Rhoda loses her job, but Mary doesn't tell her about an opening at WJM.

"A Girl’s Best Mother Is Not Her Friend" - 6PM | 5C

Rhoda's mother visits with the intention of being her daughter's best friend.

"Where There's Smoke, There's Rhoda" - 6:30PM | 5:30C

Mary and Rhoda are best friends, but can they be roommates too?


"Rhoda's Wedding" (Part 1) - 7PM | 6C

Rhoda's wedding day has finally arrived and is filled with mishaps.

"Rhoda's Wedding" (Part 2) - 7:30PM | 6:30C

Complications may ruin Rhoda's wedding day.

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FloridaTopCat 12 months ago
Valerie did a non-comedy role in a Columbo episode in the 70's.
mandyrandy 58 months ago
The mere 3 hours that MeTV has dedicated to the very talented and iconic Valerie Harper is insulting; especially since 3/4 of the shows are MTM episodes. Rhoda was on for 5 years and Ms. Harper played that character for 8 years, she deserved at the very least 3 hours of only Rhoda episodes. Shame on MeTV for not giving Valerie Harper, our beloved "Rhoda," the memorial that she deserves with a marathon all weekend!
JosephMatthews mandyrandy 57 months ago
MeTV likely only had the rights to limited episodes
Tricia 58 months ago
Enjoying the tribute to Valerie. I really love her chemistry with Mary.
Tina 58 months ago
I'm very much in favor of a tribute to Valerie Harper. I'm not happy that The Monkees have been pre-empted a second time in the six short months since being added to your schedule, and Gilligan's Island once again runs for 3 solid hours. Is there any reason why a tribute can't touch The Brady Bunch/GI block of programming? I agree with others that there are plenty of episodes that feature the Rhoda character that would give us some relief from that l-o-n-g Sunday afternoon of Sherwood Schwartz schlock.

Michael 58 months ago
rotiri 58 months ago
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Chris 58 months ago
I was an actor in Hollywood in the 1970s and 1980s. The very first show I appeared on was RHODA. (Home Movies is, I believe, the title of the episode.) As the star of her show. she quickly made me feel at ease at being a guest performer on her show. (It was a home movie sequence wherein I played Valerie's very short prom date.) 20 years later I ran into her at a party. She said she remembered me well. She was a prime example of all the wonderful people who were a part of MTM (Mary Tyler Moore) Entertainment.
Kashandra 58 months ago
I was watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show the other day and realized that the Rhoda character was funnier than Mary. She made me laugh constantly and had a great energy. So sad that she's gone.
Michael Kashandra 58 months ago
Completely agree. My favorite parts of the show are just Mary & Rhoda bantering back and forth in Mary's apartment.
LouV1967 58 months ago
I agree - 3 hours of programming is not enough of an honor for Valerie! Please put MTM, Rhoda and Bob Newhart back on regularly. Such great iconic TV. Those of us that grew up watching these programs would appreciate it!!! RIP Valerie. Thanks for the memories.....
JosephMatthews LouV1967 57 months ago
Decades channel likely has the rights to those shows. And it is also up to Disney/20th Century Fox in allowing MeTV to have the rights to those shows again.
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