Can we guess your age based on your favorite Mary Tyler Moore fashions?

Mary Richards will reveal your inner age.

The Mary Tyler Moore Show has made a timeless impact on how women dress since the moment it first aired in 1970. From deft layering to wild patterns, Mary's look changed more often than her parties got way out of hand, sometimes three or four costume changes within each episode.

It's likely your tastes in clothes have changed since you first encountered the show, or perhaps Mary's timelessness managed to seep into your fashion sense, right through the screen. 

There's only one way to tell: Take this quiz. Find out what your impeccable eye for fashion reveals about the age of your inner style icon.
  1. What looks most appropriate for work?
  2. What is the best outfit for hosting a party?
  3. Pick a dress:
  4. Pick a coat:
  5. Pick your favorite pants:
  6. Pick a pattern:
  7. Pick out something simple:
  8. Pick an outfit you'd NEVER wear:
  9. Pick the outfit closest to your signature style:

Can we guess your age based on your favorite Mary Tyler Moore fashions?

Your Result...

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Thacket 15 days ago
it said I am 21 which is probably the lowest age they have on here. I am 16. Love the Dick Van Dyke show and MTM
idkwut2use 39 months ago
35? Overshot by 2 years! ;D
Not a lot were really very much my style though, honestly.
BrittanyDale 42 months ago
For the first time, a quiz guessed me younger than i am... they said i was 21, I'm 29.. super fun
BigE 49 months ago
Born in 61. Says I'm 35. LOL
DeborahRoberts 52 months ago
I always hated Mary's clothes. If choosing the lesser of three evils in each instance means I'm 21, well ... I can live with that.
Gary 52 months ago
Born in 57........
They think I'm 21😊
Kiyone57 Gary 39 months ago
Exactly the same for me...
JERRY6 52 months ago
SheriHeffner 63 months ago
83 years old! You have GOT TO BE KIDDING! I am 55. I HATED Mini skirts and barfy looking tweed. I was am more comfortable in long skirts or dresses and comfortable jeans and shoes that don't hurt my feet. And comfortable not tight shirts. I have never liked tight anything.
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