The 'Swamp Thing' TV show makes for some surprisingly powerful motivational posters

Pair Swamp Thing dialogue with some shots of the show, and you have true inspirational art.

Swamp Thing has one primal drive: protect the environment. To this DC Comics superhero, the swamp is not just his home, it's a core part of his being. TV audiences learn this aspect of his nature right off the bat in the first episode of the 1991 series.

As viewers watch Swamp Thing battle against would-be polluters from episode to episode, we're taken into the woods again and again. There, amid the horror elements and action sequences, are some honest-to-goodness shots that invite you to pause and appreciate nature.

Meanwhile, Swamp Thing is freely offering advice to friends and enemies alike. We started wondering what it would look like if we framed the show's beautiful nature shots with some choice quotes. Turns out, they make motivational posters you might see on a guidance counselor's office.

It's pretty spot-on. Scroll through motivational posters below and see if Swamp Thing inspires you.

Trust us, he means well with that last one. It makes more sense in context. You'll have to watch Swamp Thing as part of MeTV's Red Eye Sci-Fi to understand.

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