Svengoolie wins Favorite Horror Host in the 2020 Rondo Awards

He was also voted into the Monster Kid Hall of Fame.

Rondo Hatton was a cult icon in the horror world. Starting as an uncredited extra, his unusual facial features made him a Universal horror legend. Though he passed in 1946, his legacy lives on through the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards, the "Oscars of horror" where the public votes on "the best in classic horror research, creativity and film preservation."

Though 2020 was a strange year for media, the 19th Annual Rondo Awards had a record number of votes with more than 6,000 cast.

Our very own Svengoolie will be taking home his tenth Rondo Award with this win for Favorite Horror Host of 2020. Runners-up included Joe Bob Briggs, Lamia, and Elvira. 

"It is pretty amazing to me that I would win the 'favorite horror host' award again — especially when the field of candidates included my friends Joe Bob Briggs and the iconic Elvira!" Svengoolie said. "I'm especially grateful to the fans from all over the country, who have made our show the huge success it has become — not to mention causing the booming nation-wide demand for rubber chickens."

Svengoolie was also voted into the "Monster Kid Hall of Fame", a special honor for "fans, pros, writers, artists, researchers, horror hosts or others who over the years have made a permanent mark on the world of classic horror appreciation," which he said he was "especially flattered" by. You certainly won't get any arguments from us about Svengoolie's impact.

"I think our show has brought many new eyes to the all-time greats of horror — the stories, the actors, and the legendary creatures themselves — as well as many of the people behind the scenes who deserve recognition," Svengoolie said.

"I thank MeTV — the great Sven crew that makes our show happen — and, most of all, our terrific viewers who voted for me! And a tip of the Sven stovepipe to all the horror greats!"

Watch Svengoolie on MeTV!

Saturdays at 8 PM

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HerbF 37 months ago
Sven is a powerhouse like Johnny Carson was. Think about it.
38 months ago
"Svengoolie" is about as funny as a crutch. He steals material from Soupy Sales, makes jokes about "Lobster Boy," a seriously deformed man who worked in circus freak shows. He was eventually tortured & murdered. Real funny, huh? I tape the old horror movies and fast forward thru the tired schtick.
PensacolaGlenn Pilaf 38 months ago
^said the grouchy curmudgeon. You forgot to yell at the kids to get off your lawn!
StrayCat 39 months ago
I watch Zven because Zacherley is no longer with us.
jonnieking 39 months ago
Congrats, Sven ! Watch you every week ! My "MeTV Time Clock" has you locked-in as a scheduled Saturday Night Appointment. Love the embossed/raised graphics of the Skull/Door Hanger on the very kool ! My old California friend, The Amazing Criswell Predicts ("Plan 9 From Outer Space") had a coffin in his house on Selma Avenue that he actually used sleep in !

ALSO, never miss the "intruder's" hand & arm with a bad pun-joke to end the show. BUT, always REALLY love to hear "Bugs" with "So long screwy, see you in St. Louie !" 'Cause that's in my Hometown where I'm watching you on my MeTV !

Again, congratulations Sven...don't ever retire we need ya !
Tlor 39 months ago
Okay I give up who else hosts horror shows anymore?
StrayCat Tlor 39 months ago
Well, Zacherley is dead and I don't think Elvira is doing it anymore. So i guess the answer to your question is; probably no one else.
Tlor 38 months ago
Does anyone remember "Seymore," who used to host old horror movies out of the same L.A. station that used to broadcast George Putnam? San Diego used to show horror movies and campy 50s teenage delinquent movies, hosted by (I forget his name) and his sidekick, "The Other Guy "
DavidH Tlor 33 months ago
Here is a list of the Rondo nominees for 2020. Most are locals with limited access. Some are available on minor cable channels. Svengoolie is the only one with national exposure.
— Al Omega (Creature Features)
— Arachna of the Spider People (Beware Theatre)
— Baron Mondo, El Sapo and Mittens (Nightmare Theatre)
— Big Chuck and Lil John (Cleveland)
— Bobby Gammonster (MonsterMovieNight)
— Bone Jangler and Nocturna (The Monster Show)
— Count Gore DeVol (Creature Feature)
— Deadwest (animated host of Screaming Soup)
— Drac and Countess Carita (Transylvania Tonight)
— Dr. Gangrene (Cinetarium)
— Dr. Paul Bearer (Tombstone Tales)
— Elvira (Mistress of the Dark)
— Fritz the Nite Owl (Channel Z)
— Gruesome Graves (Haunted Hotel)
— Halloween Jack (Haunted Theatre)
— Ivonna Cadaver (Macabre Theatre)
— Joe Bob Briggs and Darcy the Mail Girl (Last Drive-In)
— Karlos Borloff (Monster Madhouse)
— Keymaster Slasher Poe (Dead Vault Horror Show)
— Lamia, Queen of the Dark (Horror Hotel)
— Lilith Von Bloodworth (Mondo Creepy TV)
— Lord Blood-Rah (Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre)
— Marlena Midnight (Midnight Mausoleum)
— Miss Misery (Movie Massacre)
— Mr. Lobo (Cinema Insomnia)
— Nigel Honeybone (Schlocky Horror Picture Show, Australia)
— Octavian Hallow (Haven Falls Horror Fixx)
— Penny Dreadful (Shilling Shockers)
— The Mummy and the Monkey (Hairy Scary Hangout)
— Ritchie & Triv (The Midnight Movie)
— Son of Ghoul (Ohio)
— Svengoolie (Me-TV)
— Vincent Van Dahl (Creature Features)
— Zelda, Bird & Theo (Off-Beat Cinema)
Mrsbd2006 39 months ago
Congrats Sven!!!! your show!. The hubby and I watch it every Saturday night. You are the funniest and the best!
PatS 39 months ago
Hey all you Sven fans! Did you know Sven has his own blog at Svengoolie (dot) com? Big friendly bunch of people making comments 7 days a week, but especially Saturday nights. Your insights always appreciated!
DethBiz 39 months ago
Congrats Sven! You bring a lot of joy to a lot of people in this negative world. The best since Chilly Billy Cardille. Keep up the great work. Still hoping you will show It Conquered The World.
justjeff 39 months ago
According to Wikipedia:

"Rondo Hatton (April 22, 1894 – February 2, 1946) was an American journalist and actor. After several years writing for The Tampa Tribune, Hatton found a steady career in film due to his unique facial features, which were the result of acromegaly. He headlined horror films with Universal Studios near the end of his life, earning him a reputation as a cult icon."

Before the disease took hold, Hatton had normal features. Here he is in the 1913 Hillsborough High School (Florida) yearbook:
justjeff 39 months ago
This comment has been removed.
justjeff 38 months ago
God Rest his sweet soul.
Jimo 39 months ago
Creepy,goofy,kooky,corny,dopey,half-baked over cooked,OH IT'S Sven the best host of all!Making Saturday nights fun!Congratulations
jonesy1760 39 months ago
You are the greatest Sven...Glad you won!!!
LittleMissNoName 39 months ago
texasluva LittleMissNoName 39 months ago
!!Wanted!! but preferred Alive
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Let's go to: Who is Bugs Bunny facing off against in these classic cartoons?
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MrsPhilHarris 39 months ago
Love watching Sven. It’s so lame. The jokes are awful but I laugh at them. Look forward to the show every Saturday night. Just got to watch one of my favs “The Ghost & Mr. Chicken. Congrats to Sven.
Peter_Falk_Fan 39 months ago
Congratulations to Svengoolie! I like watching his show. I really like the actor tidbits, and he supplies me with some dad jokes.
Dino 39 months ago
Svengoolie is my go-to relaxation on Saturday night TV for 40 years now. He's the best !
maduby 39 months ago
I’ve watcher Svengoolie all my life. He’s the best. I’m lying in bed with Covid and an looking forward to Saturday night. I’m not having a good time, Svenggoolie will brighten my evening.
Toonhead maduby 39 months ago
Sorry you’ve got that abominable virus! Like you, we look forward to seeing Svengoolie every week. I had a word with my Dr., Dr, U Feelgood, and he recommended a daily dose of humor. He recommended “Toon in with me” on a daily basis. It might not cure what ails you but it couldn’t hurt. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Toonhead
MrsPhilHarris maduby 39 months ago
Terrible news. Get well soon! 🤒
Peter_Falk_Fan maduby 39 months ago
Sending warm wishes for a speedy recovery!
justjeff maduby 39 months ago
Wishing you a speedy recovery!
gracie200 39 months ago
Congrats to Sven and his team of goofballs (Kerwin, Dough Scharf, and that amazing saxer: Natalie Scharf) - no one is more deserving of this award.......I wait all week full of anticipation for Saturday night excited to see Sven in all his silliness. The songs, the drawing games, the conventions - I just wish I lived close enough to participate sometimes because I would just love to meet and get an autograph from this fine specimen of a - ish? I just have such a good time every Saturday night - my fave night of the week
gracie200 gracie200 39 months ago
oh yeah.....and I forgot to mention the guy at the door that always interrupts the closing....giggle
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