Silly rabbit: Trix is changing its cereal shape, again

These Trix are for Nineties kids.

Trix cereal has been around since 1954. Back then, it came in three flavors, Orangey-Orange, Lemony-Yellow and Raspberry Red. The cereal was shaped into little blobs of fruity goodness that didn't need to resemble the fruit it was flavored with. Then the 1980s arrived.

In the 1980s, Trix cereal underwent its first changes, starting by adding the flavor Grapity Purple. Things got silly after that, and by the 1990s, there were double the flavors, up to eight. And even more dramatically, these flavors were distinguished by being cut into fruit shapes, so a watermelon looks like a watermelon, grapes like a bunch of grapes and so on.

Then, as every Trix cereal fan knows, that wily Rabbit changed the cereal again, reverting back to the original spherical shape in 2007. Fast-forward to this week, just a little over 10 years later, and Trix has exercised its whims again, announcing the fruit shapes will be coming back. 

Nineties cereal fans, rejoice! Fifties kids admit: You win this time.

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Carrie 70 months ago
Now if they'd only go back to the original taste. They're just so bland these days. :/
RobCertSDSCascap 70 months ago
Still tastes so much sweeter than I remember- bleah!
stephaniestavropoulos 70 months ago
Silly Rabbit! Spherical shaped Trix are for kids! Not just 50's kids. Trix didn't change their shape in the 60's or '70's either. If I were to do a poll, I would assume that over 50% of the folks who come to this site, are Baby Boomers. I don't know why General Mills can't offer both shapes. For those Baby Boomers who still enjoy their Trix, and now, perhaps, won't, because they can't stomach eating their beloved cereal this way. To them, it's not Trix.
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