See Disney's most memorable villains as they appeared in episodes of classic TV

Ursula was Mary's roommate and Shere Khan was Mister Freeze!

Images: Buena Vista Pictures

Perhaps the most memorable part of any Disney movies (if you exclude the princesses, of course) is the villain. Their dancing eyebrows that dart up into glares that round out as they cackle. Their pointy features, which often extend right down to their wardrobes. The way they boast (right before their inevitable ruin, of course).

But what many people don't realize while enchanted by these cartoonish adversaries is that these characters we love to hate are familiar faces you've seen time and again on classic TV. They've shared scenes with all the stars, from Lucille Ball to Bob Denver to Mary Tyler Moore and many more.

Of course, once you connect a voice actor to their best remembered cartoon character, you begin to notice all the details that tie the two together, as animators often bring in features of the real actors when designing characters like Captain Hook or Maleficent. Below, we give you a chance to compare the cartoons you know with the classic TV guest stars who voiced them in Disney films from Sleeping Beauty to The Little Mermaid. Just click the photos below to flip them over and reveal the less familar faces behind all the best Disney villains!

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