Saturday Morning Cartoons are coming to MeTV this January!

Get ready for Bugs, Daffy, Tom & Jerry, Popeye and more!

It is our most common request from fans: Please bring back Saturday morning cartoons. You asked for it. We are thrilled to announce it!

MeTV proudly presents the weekend debut of Saturday Morning Cartoons on January 2, 2021. Starting every Saturday at 7AM | 6C, this three-hour "all cartoons, all the time" block is reminiscent of the Saturday morning broadcasts of yesteryear.

Get ready to start your weekend with your favorite characters, from Bugs to Taz. Each hour will present a collection of cartoons featuring Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies, Popeye and Friends, and Tom & Jerry.

These theatrical cartoon shorts came from the brilliant minds and pens of animation legends like Chuck Jones, Tex Avery, Max Fleischer, and William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. They remain as beautiful and hilarious as you remember.

Th-th-th-th-that's not all, folks! Stay tuned for more exciting news involving your favorite cartoon characters — as well as some new friends. Subscribe to our newsletter and watch for teasers on MeTV to learn more in the coming weeks!

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Jayeljay 7 days ago
I think they should make the shows more accurate to the schedule because it says “loony tunes” for 30 minutes but it’s only for 2 times, at the beginning of the 30 minutes and at the end the middle is just random cartoons that are NOT loony tunes. We also need to add the flint stones and since that cartoon is 20 minutes per episode it would be perfect instead of that 10 minute loony tunes the rest is random cartoons that no one likes and ads
Grynch_84 37 months ago
And the poor effort continues, even on Saturday. Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur was schedule for today, instead a re-run of Ducking the Devil was shown. Not surprised @ the reaction Bill & Tooney are receiving. Just another part of what happens when bad decisions are made. AND, 30 Bugs cartoons out of 160+??? That's absolutely not a list of "The Best of Bugs". List all 166 and let the people vote. Don't claim to be airing the best Bugs cartoon unless ALL are considered by the voters. Shameless.
robroyfingerhead Grynch_84 36 months ago
I think their afraid to show them all.
TooMuch 37 months ago
Cut out the bad comedy and squeeze in more cartoons. My 7 yo just said watching the hosts is what he has to pay to see the cartoon.
robroyfingerhead 37 months ago
Send Bill and Tooney to the showers. Not entertaining.
Grynch_84 37 months ago
How about showing what you have on the schedule? That would be a good start. 4 times so far, scheduled cartoons have been replaced with re-runs. Saturday is so much better than the M-F show.
Toons are sized better and no credit interruptions...beginning or end. Switch the Saturday show to M-F and send Bill & Tooney to Saturday.
Grynch_84 Grynch_84 37 months ago
Make that 5 now. The Heckling Hare was skipped today to air a repeat of The Dixie Fryer. Saturday continues to be way better than M-F, but at least make an effort to get your own schedule correct.
robroyfingerhead 37 months ago
Will you be showing Pepe Le Pew or Speedy Gonzales cartoons ? Are you brave enough ?
Grynch_84 robroyfingerhead 37 months ago
Weaklings. The woke mob would be all over metv for showing old non-edited cartoons. Gone With the Wind, Pepe, Speedy. Crazy how far these idiots have gone over the edge. Let's just go back to the old Egyptian times where we can scratch the previous generation right off the wall. Now that history doesn't exist, right? Sorry, not the way it works. Learn from the past, don't try to ignore it.
robroyfingerhead Grynch_84 36 months ago
You are on target there !
Bugsbunny123 38 months ago
We are getting sick and tired of those Bill and Toony idiots that are taking up important cartoon time, We want MeTv to remove those jerks and their stupid skits and add MORE CARTOONS, If not, I will no longer TOON IN !!
Beeline 38 months ago
Good idea, with the crummy TV programing on today it's a great plan.
CountStone62 38 months ago
Just show the cartoons, not the host, Toony or that annoying bimbo.
Bugsbunny123 38 months ago
All folks who say that Toony and Bill are bad for the show are RIGHT!, their blabbering uses up very valuable cartoon time. METV should be embarrassed to keep those "hosts" on. Viewers don't need them.
CountStone62 Bugsbunny123 38 months ago
I agree with you that is why I don't watch. I rather watch law and order
CountStone62 Bugsbunny123 38 months ago
JimAmes 39 months ago
Popeye remastered in HD by Cartoon Renewal Studios Youtube
robroyfingerhead 39 months ago
I've seen replies to some posts.Any chance we could see a reply about getting rid of the puppet and host ? Anyone from METV listening ?
macdoesit 39 months ago
I dont watch the Monday thru Friday, BILL show, just Saturday morning toons.
macdoesit 39 months ago
METV, are you listening, CARTOONS ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!
macdoesit 39 months ago
NevaMo macdoesit 39 months ago
Grynch_84 39 months ago
metv can't seem to get it's own schedule correct. Where did Bingo Crosbyana go? Now they have 7 cartoons listed for Feb. 13. I'm sure the advertisers will be joyous about losing 7 minutes. They also switched Hot Cross Bunny for Case of the Missing Hare. Why? If you are going to list the cartoons to be shown, it should at least be accurate. Just have to wait and see what happens two weeks from now. Saturday is still way better than the M-F show.
D2000 39 months ago
I was having a really hard morning when I flipped the channel and there I just caught the Saturday morning cartoons and I loved them so much. It brought back some fond memories....I don’t get to watch the weekdays ones and from these other comments I’m glad I don’t. It would be nice to see the cartoons from the 90s and 80s as well like duck tales and chip n Dale’s rescue rangers. And other classics like the Archies. Also would love to see the Golden Girls again on your channel. I love your channel ahhh...simple times.
georgepahno D2000 33 months ago
I would like to know if MeTV will be airing any of these cartoons in the coming weeks:
The Smurfs (1981-1989)
Alvin and the Chipmunks (1983-1990)
Adventures of the Gummi Bears (1985-1991)
DuckTales (1987-1990)
Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (1989-1990)
TaleSpin (1990-1991)
Darkwing Duck (1991-1992)

Please let me know. Thanks!
llaberinto 39 months ago
I think most of us enjoy the cartoons but know your audience, we’re older adults, we don’t need toony
Obwan 39 months ago
I have been extremely curious as to why the cartoons need a host and who thought this was a good idea? I love the addition of the toons to the channel. I've been saying this since this classic station came on the scene. I said, I would give this format a chance and I have and I honestly do not see the value of any of the host. I was hoping that it would be a factual type host similar to Svengoolie, but all of the characters are just doing bad jokes, why? Can't the cartoons be curated without hosts, especially if there is not going to be any factual knowledge given about the making of shown toons? Not having host works very well with The Flintstones. Despite the unnecessary hosts, I'm still watching because, I'm really here for the eclectic mix of toons especially given what all we have endured.
robroyfingerhead 39 months ago
Looks like more people agree.Lose the puppet and host. Is he some big wig in the company ? The guy not the puppet. I'd rather see My Three Sons and something else every morning and catch the weekend shows. Those are good.Just cartoons.
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