Celebrate the holidays with A Very Merry MeTV beginning November 15

Watch holiday episodes, specials and movies every Sunday through Christmas.

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It's the most wonderful time of the year! A Very Merry MeTV begins on Sunday, November 15.

Each Sunday, from 5PM–8PM Eastern/Pacific, enjoy beloved classic holiday episodes, festival specials and heart-warming TV movies. The festivities continue on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with special airings of Scrooge (1970) and Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show.

Tune in every Sunday to see MeTV favorites like The Andy Griffith Show and Happy Days celebrate the season, plus beloved holiday episodes of sitcom favorites such as Cheers, Taxi, Newhart, WKRP in Cincinnati and The Odd Couple.

On Sunday, December 6, don't miss A Very Brady Christmas, the 1988 reunion movie that brought the blended family into the Eighties.

See the full schedule below. All times listed in Eastern / Pacific.

Download the schedule here: Eastern / Pacific or Central / Mountain

Sunday, November 15, 2020

5PM | 4C Happy Days “The First Thanksgiving”

5:30PM | 4:30C Mama’s Family “An Ill Wind”

6PM | 5C The Waltons “The Thanksgiving Story” (Part 1)

7PM | 6CThe Waltons “The Thanksgiving Story” (Part 2)

Sunday, November 22, 2020

5PM | 4C  Saved by the Bell “A Thanksgiving Story”

5:30PM | 4:30C The Brady Bunch “The Un-Underground Movie”

6PM | 5C Newhart “Don’t Rain on My Parade”

6:30PM | 5:30C Cheers “Thanksgiving Orphans”

7PM | 6C M*A*S*H “Yalu Brick Road”

7:30PM | 6:30C  WKRP in Cincinnati “Turkey’s Away”

Sunday, November 29, 2020

5PM | 4C Green Acres “An Old-Fashioned Christmas”

5:30PM | 4:30C The Beverly Hillbillies “The Christmas Present”

6PM | 5C The Love Boat “Santa, Santa, Santa/ Another Dog-Gone Christmas/ Noel’s Christmas Carol”

7PM | 6C M*A*S*H “Dear Dad”

7:30PM | 6:30C M*A*S*H “Dear Sis”

Sunday, December 6, 2020

5PM | 4C The Odd Couple “Scrooge Gets an Oscar”

5:30PM | 4:30C Mama’s Family “Santa Mama”

6PM | 5C A Very Brady Christmas (1988)

Sunday, December 13, 2020

5PM | 4C The Flintstones “Christmas Flintstone”

5:30PM | 4:30C The Honeymooners “’Twas the Night Before Christmas”

6PM | 5C WKRP in Cincinnati “Bah, Humbug”

6:30PM | 5:30C The Jeffersons “984 W. 124th St., Apt. 5C”

7PM | 6C The Waltons “The Best Christmas”

Sunday, December 20, 2020

5PM | 4C The Andy Griffith Show “Christmas Story”

5:30PM | 4:30C The Bob Newhart Show “I’m Dreaming of a Slight Christmas”

6PM | 5C The Mary Tyler Moore Show “Christmas and the Hardluck Kid II”

6:30PM | 5:30C The Dick Van Dyke Show “The Alan Brady Show Presents”

7PM | 6C Taxi “A Full House for Christmas”

7:30PM | 6:30C Cheers “Christmas Cheers”

Thursday, December 24, 2020

12:30AM | 11:30C Scrooge (1970) Starring Albert Finney and Alec Guinness

Friday, December 25, 2020

10AM | 9C The Ed Sullivan Show “Holiday Greetings from the Ed Sullivan Show”

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vikiv922 3 days ago
Can you show the pilot of Night Gallery with Roddy McDowall?
You can find Night Gallery on Comet TV every Saturday afternoon.
vikiv922 3 days ago
Could you please ten Hold that ghost??
It was on Svengoolie so many years back. If enough people send email requests to Svengoolie, it will be shown again in the near future.
Swazey3 3 days ago
I love your network! Could you please play Eight is Enough?
Retiredteachermom 3 days ago
I would love to see MeTV show Jeff's Collie. They used to show reruns of the show here locally about 20 years ago and I really enjoyed the show.
bobbyc323 4 days ago
Would love to see the Bob Christmas specials he did every year over seas. He always dedicated his Christmas to our troops overseas.
lynngdance 9 days ago
Since MeTV recently showed the episode of Mama’s Family with Alex Trebek, I thought this be good time to do this.


I paused the tv while I was watching Double Dare and it stopped on this frame..... LOL
And I thought “there’s gotta be a meme in there somewhere!”. So YOU decide what that meme is! Just put it in the comment section! 😝
ReidDavis lynngdance 6 days ago
"Mr. Kotter's" (er Alex Trebek) 1st appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show.
taramasco1 9 days ago
The one show I've been waiting to see if you would pick up is either marcus Welby or medical center? Both I grew up watching every week?
CatMETV666 taramasco1 8 days ago
I love that show too
retired2019 taramasco1 4 days ago
Excellent idea! I always wondered how many patients they crammed into 4-west!🤔
taramasco1 9 days ago
How do I go about watching the Merry MeTV Sundays when my local channel doesn't pick it up?
Go to the link below, enter your zip and see if you can find something in your area that works.

rycki1138 9 days ago
Are you going to air the season 8 and season 10 Christmas episodes of Happy Days
that were skipped during your regular airings?
Cowgirl 10 days ago
Bonanza had 2 Christmas episodes & I know that Gunsmoke had at least 1. I think The Big Valley also had 1 or 2. Will you be showing them also?
TV western holiday episodes all day Dec 19th (Saturday).


Paulleewogg 10 days ago
I'm really loving your late Sunday night line-up; The Dick Van Dyke Show and Twilight Zone. An hour of each seems just right to me. I have my PVR set to record them if I'm not up. Please dont ditch them yet, lol.
Don't forget The Fugitive and Mission Impossible at 2:00 and 3:00am.
CC33777 10 days ago
Will you be showing the original Walton's Christmas movie, "The Homecoming", this year?
Cowgirl CC33777 10 days ago
I hope so. I haven't seen it in years.
I think the only reason they can't show it, is because the pilot belongs to Paramount Studios.
Pumpkinbug CC33777 9 days ago
Looks like it is scheduled for the INSP network on the 26th : https://christmastvschedule.com/?fbclid=IwAR2FVbFzGsMMbDUai74cflBAgyV5jVHtoa6wBdHcJ10H4mzG7WTHPQwQ4bE
Paulleewogg 10 days ago
Interesting Christmas line-up. Definitely a few I want to see and will ne tuning in. That WKRP Thanksgiving Turkey episode was an all time television classic.

Have you guys ever considered airing:
- The Ghost & Mrs. Muir?
- Nanny & the Professor?
Both were family fare sitcoms and were good shows.
Both shows are in the 50 episode range so might make a great weekend addition. 1 episode of each show in a 1 hr timeslot.
I hope you'll consider it, MeTV.
Claude Paulleewogg 10 days ago
We must be around the same age (1962) because the ghost & Mrs Muir and Nanny & the Professor were two of my childhood favorites.
Bob Paulleewogg 10 days ago
I remember when Harry Nilsson was on the Ghost and Mrs Muir. Pretty cool.
savcad 10 days ago
I really appreciate all the shows that you have. But Leave it to Beaver is being a repeat. Would like to see other shows. Such as Petticoat Junction, Sugarfoot, Bronco, the Ozzie and Harriet Show, Donna Reed Show and fathers Knows Best. Would love to see these shows.
MadMadMadWorld savcad 10 days ago
Petticoat Junction airs 2 episodes (1 hour) every Saturday morning, 4am/5am CT/ET. You will have to wait until next Saturday to see it, or set your DVR to record them. I'd also would like to see The Donna Reed Show (1958-66), 8 seasons and 275 episodes, more episodes than M*A*S*H, in 3 fewer seasons. I also would like to see The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet (1952-66), 14 seasons and 435 episodes--more than any live action sitcom. I know that Father Knows Best airs on Family Entertainment (FETV), so maybe your cable system carries that network too.
Wiseguy MadMadMadWorld 6 days ago
Decades shows all the episodes of Petticoat Junction and also The Donna Reed Show. AntennaTV shows Father Knows Best.
BeckyNoll 10 days ago
Where is the Monkees Christmas show? For that matter, where are the Monkees??
Bob BeckyNoll 10 days ago
The Monkees Christmas Show with Eddie Munster.
ma2lyssa BeckyNoll 2 days ago
Yeah I was hoping they'd be back on as well
DoubleNaughtSpy 10 days ago
WHAAAAAAAATTT? No 24-hour loop of "Return to Mayberry"? How sacrilegious!!
Wondering if it will show up sometime during the week of Thanksgiving?
405Rockit 10 days ago
COMBAT! With Vic Morrow was on Tuesday nights at 6:30pm ABC way back...
savcad 405Rockit 10 days ago
I would like to see this too. I gave them a list of my favorite shows way back when. We'll see what happens.
Too violent for me these days. I did watch it as one of my favorites when it originally aired (1962-67), but I wouldn't want to see it again. I like sitcoms better.
drw59 405Rockit 9 days ago
Combat and other war shows are on Saturday nights on another network. H&I network.
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