'The Andy Griffith Show' reunion movie 'Return to Mayberry' is coming to MeTV on May 31

Catch up with Andy, Opie, Barney and the gang in this charming 1986 TV movie.

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What better way to kick off summer than a family reunion in America's favorite fictional hometown of Mayberry. Beloved Sheriff Andy Taylor travels home in Return to Mayberry, for a fun-filled visit with Opie, Barney, Gomer, Goober, Ernest T. Bass and the rest of the memorable Mayberry gang.

Join MeTV as we wrap up The Month of Mayberry in style with Return to Mayberry on Sunday, May 31, at 5PM | 4C.

Sixteen of the original cast members reunited in 1986, including Andy Griffith, Don Knotts, Ron Howard, Jim Nabors and George Lindsey, for what proved to be the highest-rated TV movie of the year.

In the mid-'80s, Andy Taylor was working as a U.S. Postal Inspector in Cleveland. Opie was a father-to-be. Barney was sheriff. Well, for the time being. The plot centers around the local sheriff election and… a lake monster!

This timeless MeTV classic is sure to put a smile on our faces and remind us of what matters most — our family and friends.

Watch The Andy Griffith Show on MeTV!

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Newyorkcitygal 4 months ago
That movie was awesome! Andy was always my favorite show! Still watch reruns to this day!
HDiVini 4 months ago
I never saw reunion “Return to Mayberry” Please bring it back and thank you for bringing old classic cartoons back Jan 2nd, 2021. Can’t wait!!
Mark091 4 months ago
Is MeTv going to show Return to
Mayberry next year?
May 21.2020 was almost 7 months
Ago I wish that Lou Ann Poovie
(Elizabeth MacRae) Sam Jones (Ken
Berry). and Millie (Arlene Golonka)
Had been in Return to Mayberry
There should have been a Gomer Pyle USMC reunion movie also with Jim
Nabors (Gomer Pyle) Ronnie Schell
(Duke Slater) Roy Stuart CPL Boyle
Elizabeth MacRae Lou Ann Poovie
Allan Melvin Sgt Hacker
Barbara Stuart (Bunny Harper-Olsen-
Forrest Compton Colonel Gray
Ted Bessell as Frankie Lombardi
Mark Slade As Eddie Peters
Tommy Leonetti CPL Cuccinelli
William Christopher as Lester Hummell
Buck Young as SGT.Whipple
JERRY6 4 months ago
missed it , would like to watch as i never saw this movie
Dennis 10 months ago
Is Aunt Bee in the reunion? I never saw it and can’t wait to see this episode on Sunday.
nmljackson Dennis 10 months ago
No she wasn’t. They showed Andy at her grave site. I think she had passed already when they made this reunion.
cowboy87 Dennis 10 months ago
Frances Bavier the actress that played Aunt Bee on the show never liked Andy Griffith from the moment she met him. She only was on the original show to earn a pay check and was not willing to take part in the reunion special. she would pass away in 1989 however, this was specal was made in 1986.
kcassity nmljackson 9 months ago
Actually, Frances Bavier called Andy in the 80s, before her death, and apologized for being difficult to work with. By 1986, she was in poor health with a heart condition.
MarthaWashington 10 months ago
I just checked my listings with high hopes....shot down....programming indicated....5pm-paid programming, 5:30-paid programming, 6 pm-some law firm program, 6:30-polka buzz....out of luck...again
Debbie 10 months ago
Does anyone know how to get this app to work. So far I can’t get any help from the support team. I have installed and uninstalled, did everything and no luck.
bkp6264 Debbie 10 months ago
I have the App and they don't stream
If that's what you're asking about
Jim 10 months ago
Anyone remember the episode where Barney shows up at Andy's house,wearing that stupid tweed jacket and bow tie;Barney sticks his head in the door and says,"Hey,Ang,wanna go down to the filling station and grab a bottle of pop"?I don't know what season this particular scene I'm remembering is from,but it never seems to air anymore.Also,anyone remember the commercial Andy Griffith(as Andy Taylor)made for Ritz Crackers(that ran at the end of each episode(again,don't know what season)where Andy would do his pitch for Ritz Crackers.Andy would take a bite of Ritz Cracker and then say "GOOOODDDD CRACKER!Ah appreciate it and GOOD NIGHT!"
MrsPhilHarris Jim 10 months ago
I remember the Ritz ad but I thought it was in the 70s not during TAGS.
hermanstein2015 10 months ago
Absolutely lov this movie, it's a tear jerker for sure!
It was painfully lame but I loved it!
Makes you realize how there's no way they could be dead. Seeing them in old age is heart breaking. But cute movie!
jsmith hermanstein2015 10 months ago
I was only able to watch the first half. Do you know where I can watch the rest of it.
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