Rose Marie on the cast of ''The Dick Van Dyke Show'': ''I've never been closer to any group of people in my life''

The costar to friends pipeline is real, apparently.

Sometimes, life's not as wonderful as it might seem on television. But every so often, we get to live a little bit of television magic offscreen. For Rose Marie, her magic was the cast of The Dick Van Dyke Show, who quickly became her pseudo-family after the death of her husband, Bobby Guy.

In an interview with United Press International, Marie said of the cast, "I've never been closer to any group of people in my life." Not just coworkers, the actor revealed that even in social situations, the series actors would search for one another. She stated, "When we all turn up at a party, in about five minutes' time we all manage to get together in a quiet corner."

In Dick Van Dyke's memoir, My Lucky Life In And Out of Show Business, Van Dyke stated that even during the show's beginnings, "I liked everyone instantly, and the feeling was mutual." After the show had finally wrapped for good, Van Dyke noted that the cast didn't get together as often as they would have liked, but that the love they had for one another was still just as present.

He wrote, "The feelings were always there...I missed the daily interaction and laughs I got from Morey and Rosie, and I especially missed my partnership with Mary."

In an interview with the Gannett News Service, Morey Amsterdam, who Rose Marie actually recommended for the role of Buddy on The Dick Van Dyke Show, said, "We were like a happy family. We looked forward to going to work every day. I never heard one argument with anybody."

It was a camaraderie that made the experience of filming the show that much sweeter. Put simply, Marie said, "I'm very fortunate. I've worked with wonderful people."

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JHP 1 month ago
The best eps were with buddy and sally - case closed
daDoctah 1 month ago
How close was she with those who weren't in a lot of scenes with her (regulars and recurring regulars like Dick, Morey and Richard)? Did she pal around with Ann Morgan Guilbert or Jerry Paris as well? Go out with Bill Idelson when she wasn't pretending to date him as Herman Glimsher? Did she and Frank Adamo hang out or go bowling?
JHP daDoctah 1 month ago
Idelson in real life life did a lot on the other side of the camera
Runeshaper 1 month ago
That is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing, MeTV (-:
Andybandit 1 month ago
TDVDS cast is a bunch of good people.
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