Ronald Reagan's daughter is developing a TV series about her dad

The big question is: Who should play the Gipper?

Image: AP Photo/Zeboski

A wide range of actors have portrayed President Ronald Reagan onscreen, from Tim Matheson, James Brolin and Alan Rickman to Michael Showalter and Bruce Campbell. Soon, we will see a depiction of our 40th President from a more first-hand perspective. Patti Davis, the eldest of two children that Reagan had with his second wife, Nancy, is serving as executive producer on a limited series about her iconic father. (Reagan had two biological children and an adopted son with his first wife, Jane Wyatt.)

As reported by Deadline, this upcoming prestige series is being steered by former Empire co-executive producer David Rambo. It is slated to air on the USA Network in the near future.

Rambo, who will pen the script, is no stranger to writing about Reagan. He already has a play to his credit called The Lifeguard, which chronicles Reagan's early days as lifeguard, interspersed with scenes of the President's summit with Mikhail Gorbachev. It seems as if the as-yet-untitled Reagan TV series will cover similar ground, as Deadline writes that the show will "[chronicle] his early days as a lifeguard, his tumultuous years in Hollywood, and his triumphs and tragedies as President."

With Patti Davis (pictured above with her parents) overseeing production, this marks the first official Hollywood project developed and written with a member of the Reagan family.

This, naturally, brings us to the important question: Who should play Ronnie? Will they cast young and use again makeup or hire different actors for different eras? We'll have to wait and see.

Meanwhile, the History Channel is currently crafting Rise of Reagan, part of its ongoing chronicles of U.S. Presidents dubbed The Commanders.

Image: AP Photo / David F. SmithRonald, Nancy, Patti and Ron celebrate Christmas in California in 1969.

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