Did you know: Richard Lewis almost played Mork on Happy Days!

He auditioned for the role but knew it had to be Robin Williams.

The Everett Collection

The story of how an alien ended up in an episode of Happy Days is appropriately bizarre. Creator Garry Marshall's young son had just seen Star Wars and, like many kids in the late 1970s, had become obsessed with space. He even stopped watching his father's show because of the lack of cosmic content.

Marshall told the Archive of American Television, "It's a whole long story. My son stopped watching Happy Days. He was seven. I said. 'Why don't you watch?' He said, 'There's no space people. I like aliens, I like space.'"

Marshall even credited his son for how an alien could be incorporated into the show — make it all a dream!

The young Marshall may have suggested it, but a remarkably similar plotline happened in The Dick Van Dyke Show episode "It May Look Like a Walnut," in which Rob dreamt about an alien (Danny Thomas) after watching a scary movie. The episode was directed by Jerry Paris, who also played the Petries' dentist neighbor. And wouldn't you know it? Fifteen years later, Paris directed "My Favorite Orkan" — Mork's first appearance on Happy Days.

Regardless of how it all came together, once it was decided that an alien should visit 1950s Milwaukee, the next task was to find the right person to play the extraterrestrial.

Many people auditioned for the role. Roger Rees and frequent Mel Brooks collaborator Dom Deluise were considered.

The book I’m Dying Up Here: Heartbreak and High Times in Stand-Up Comedy’s Golden Era details how up-and-coming comedians Richard Lewis and Robin Williams auditioned on the same day. They were told to come up with their best alien voices, but all Lewis could think of was a Danish accent. He knew he had no chance against Williams and even told the producers, "You know, Robin Williams is next. He is Mork, and if he doesn't get this, then you are all crazy."

Sure enough, when his turn came, Williams gave a completely out-of-this-world audition. He stood upside-down!

Garry Marshall told the Television Archive, "He did the whole audition standing on his head and he was great, so he went into Happy Days."

Marshall could see his bet on an unknown comedian pay off immediately. After taping "My Favorite Orkan," the studio audience gave Robin Williams a standing ovation.

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denny 46 months ago
Richard Lewis is one of the most annoying people to ever be on tv.
JHP 47 months ago
an observation

that B\W pic of Lewis - sure looks like Johnny Cash
Encell85 47 months ago
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67chevroletimpala 47 months ago
I thought that episode was great, my dad laughed at me when I yelled at my brother for talking over it. 😂 You don’t mess with a girl when she’s watching Happy Days. 😋
Pacificsun 47 months ago
True, they happened to have the part ready. I get that part of the article. But in considering Robin Williams for anything producers almost didn't know what to do with him (he was so outrageous). I mean, back in the day, how is a stand-up comedian incorporated into a regular sitcom? Being a space alien was about the best they could do, given his "stand-alone" talent. Whereas you look at 3rd Rock from the Sun and it was definitely an ensemble piece. even including the talent of John Lithgow.
HerbF 47 months ago
Actually, this was auditions for THE REPLACEMENT! Comedian John Byner was originally cast as Mork, but something happened and he couldn't do the part - so a new casting call was sent out...the rest is history.
DavidBartholomew HerbF 47 months ago
Byner doing Mork would have been terrific! That helium voice!
bradyguy HerbF 5 months ago
Seems odd at all that they would have had to have had ANOTHER audition... They would have likely looked at at least 30 or 40 (or more) for a very specific part like that..once they picked Byner, they must have had another name or two that they liked (or had seen at a call-back)...?? Comedian Jeff Altman was reportedly in the mix, as well.

On the other hand, there may NOT have been an original audition at al. It was a simple guest spot on a successful sitcom - Casting may have taken submissions and simply offered the part to Byner. He was certainly (more) well-known to TV people...had done a lot of cartoon work...and lots of (always wacky) guest spots on sitcoms...
bradyguy HerbF 5 months ago
Sources had said that Byner actually WALKED AWAY....he thought the part was silly. Had he SEEN his own resume??? LOL
bradyguy bradyguy 5 months ago
LOVED Byner "doing" Jackie Mason and Dean Martin on The Ant and the Aardvark cartoons!!!
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