Relive the first moment that beloved TV characters joined their hit shows

Sparks really did fly the first time Gomer Pyle appeared onscreen!

Some of the best TV characters had the most memorable entrances on hit shows, from Gunsmoke to Charlie's Angels. So whether you're the kind of fan who smirked at Sam when he got a new boss on Cheers or leaned in intrigued when Chekov joined Star Trek's crew, we're guessing many of the characters we've selected below made a mark on your memory when you first saw them onscreen.

Now we invited you to reintroduce yourself to these classic TV characters all over again by scrolling through photos below that feature actors and actresses later on in their careers. Click on each photo to flip and see that actor's debut moment on the hit show you loved.

Which characters do you distinctly remember appearing on TV shows you love? Did we include your favorite?

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rycki1138 61 months ago
Us Haggens was Festus Haggen's first appearance, but it was not Ken Curtis' first appearance on Gunsmoke. He had been on the show 4 times previously as different characters.
ttenchantr rycki1138 45 months ago
It does says "Relive the first moment that beloved TV *characters* joined their hit shows" not the actors themselves.
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